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Tue, Feb 26 12:13pm · Redundant / Tortuous Colon in Digestive Health

PS someone above posted they take magnesium
I do too Phillips Pills and they do help I also
Ate steak a few nights ago
And Although I
not allergic I tested highly reactive which sets
Up a inflammatory response … last night during my episode I got hives on my hands …. I tend to break out in hives about once a year if Ia
Has anyone had fainting hives etc

Tue, Feb 26 12:04pm · Redundant / Tortuous Colon in Digestive Health

Hello Jane yes I do
I knoe your post is a few months ago but hope u receive this
I have had several colonoscopies and tend to easily become constipated … I have had several
Episodes of being constipated with severe cramping to the point I faint several
Times during the episode ..fortunately my husband is an ER trauma physician and since these episodes have only occur at night he is home
I am recovering from last night episode and saw
The Restrictive diet fr fruits
And certain vegetables
I am
With you I don’t think mine is connected to diet
I eat fairly clean /
Green smoothies which usually helps me stay regular … I
Think I get dehydrated and it sets up
The last episode was last year so I don’t faint on a regular basis and before that 6 years ago.
I would not want to have a
Partial colon removed …. I think the surgeon knows best… are u fainting too? The cramping is a ten painful and my BP drops etc I am screaming at times …
What have you done since your post!
Did I get the surgery? Did U try the diet
I just joined this site