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Wed, Feb 27 9:27am · Daughter with Newly Diagnosed Generalized Absence Seizures in Epilepsy & Seizures

My daughter was diagnosed with absence seizures around the age of 3. She went several years with moderate medication control and then when she was 9 and on keppra, she had about 5 grand mal seizures in about a month. We switched neurologists and they took her off keppra and the grand mals stopped. They even took her off meds completely for a short time but her absence seizures came back. Now she is 12 and started menstruating and had her first grand mal in years in the shower. The doctors did an X-ray and found calcification in the brain. She is meeting with an endocrinologist this week and I am a nervous wreck. Has anyone had any experience with thyroid conditions causing epilepsy or any other endocrinologist visits for this reason? Or had calcification in the brain?