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Jul 13, 2019 · Trigeminal Neuralgia* in Brain & Nervous System


Yes, still tooth pain, also left side face pain, eye, scalp, and neck pain. It's pretty constant, but I still am grateful the electric zaps haven't occurred in a long time. The ache is not touched by otc pain relievers, but does respond to opioid pain relievers, which do not work well for the zaps. It's very hard to deal with cool breezes, so scarves are a must. All in all I am not the worst case and for that, again, I am most grateful. Thank you for asking, Lisa. God bless!

Jul 12, 2019 · Ataxia in Brain & Nervous System


I see. It happened, but as an episode, not an ongoing condition. Actually, I don't think mine is going to progress. Seems to be strictly the result of braindamage. It was an Ischemic stroke. It's been 3 years since stroke. No worse, no better.

"….doctor had a brain as big as a gnat's." LOL! Thanks for the laugh. Sounds like you've been through it. Thanks for taking the time to reply! Have a good day!

Jul 10, 2019 · Ataxia in Brain & Nervous System

@jakeduck1…….freak sympathy…lol. great sympathy, sorry.

Jul 10, 2019 · Ataxia in Brain & Nervous System

…..I too have ataxia but it is after a large cerebellar stroke. It's like my left side has a mind of its own. My strength is good, but control poor. I assume your ataxia was not brought on by a stroke. I have freak sympathy. My left hand doesn't know what my right hand is doing. I know how frustrating that can be. Much sympathy. Do you find your body acting up when you begin a particular task, but while still, no one would even know? When I try to hold a drink, my hand goes all stupid, spilling drink all over. But….unless something is in my hand, the hand stays relatively still. Though I do find the arm, shoulder blade and leg likes to do major ongoing twitching. Do you have that? Ataxia is not typical after a stroke, but I can see how a clot may bring it on. Was that your case? Sounds like it hit you out of the blue. Sorry to hear that. Do they have you in therapy, and if so, is it helping? God bless you!

Oh, and what is your prognosis? Thank you jakeduck!

Jul 5, 2019 · Falling after recovery from stroke in Stroke & Cerebrovascular Diseases

@brightwings….very common after a cerebellar stroke, which as we know, is area that controls balance. It's all about losing the natural born balace/recovery ability after a misstep. Probably not an issue after a different type stroke, but almost a given after a significant cerebellar stroke. Maybe one of the worst effects. Our natural reflex to correct ourselves, thus preventing a fall, is damaged, or like me, not quite, but almost, completely gone. I trip, I go down. For me it's not about dizzy. Simply about balance. Falling is very much a concern. I'm strong, muscle-wise, so it's not weakness. Looks like clumsiness….but it's damage from stroke. Yeah. Sucks. But at least I can walk!😊

Edit: darn! Thought this was in the subject of cerebellar stroke. Yep, sure haven't a clue about strokes in other areas of brain. Ignore me. Carry on! Lol!

Jul 5, 2019 · Falling after recovery from stroke in Stroke & Cerebrovascular Diseases

@lisalucier….after cerebellar stroke falls are pretty much to be expected. I made a great recovery after a large cerebellar stroke. The one thing I did not improve so much in is recovery after a slip or stumble. The reflex to correct we all have, is gone, at least for me, so my falls are easily explained. But, even if a person did not have a large amount of damage, seems there would still issues with trip/slip and correction. If I'm wrong here, I don't mind being corrected.

Oh! Just realized! This post is not in the cerebellar stroke subject. Darn. I guess I don't know what I'm talking about, lol!

Jul 5, 2019 · Fibromyalgia in Chronic Pain

@grandmar….the "friend" part was a joke. Covering my butt for what may have been a silly question. I was diagnosed 28 years ago. Back when there was a fair amount of skepticism about this, as you know…..You've had it for 30 years. I too have less severe flare ups, but still get the occassionally "sprained" but not sprained ankle…complete with swelling and severe bruising, bleeding at connective points, bruising under the skin, painful, but from no particular cause. So yeah, it's still here, but it's been a long time since I've had to crawl on my hands and knees to get around, lol.edit: I now have two fake knees, so crawling around is no longer an option ☺ Rheumatoid mimics some of my fibro symptoms, so not always sure what's what.

I too have the sensitivity at trigger points. Sometimes hubby will grab my arm just to show me something or get my attention. If he hits a fibro spot, it can hurt for quite a while. Or if I lean against something just right it will set off a tender point and hurt for a good long while. So, i can certainly see where the deep massage would set you off. You always have a kind and helpful reply. Thank you.

Thank you @johnbishop… as always, a thoughtful reply. Yep, I'm inclined to agree with you. No such luck! I'd heard that it just burns out, but never truly believed that to be the case.

Jul 4, 2019 · Fibromyalgia in Chronic Pain

Does anyone know if any of these autoimmune diseases ever just wear themselves out, or will fibro follow us into old age? Asking for a friend, lol! It's very hard for me to know if a new pain is fibro, or another issue. It's gotten so I don't even bother complaining to doc, because it just means an appointment with another specialist, another round of tests. Most, by far, come back come back with nothing, requiring more tests, more appointment. Yep. I'm complaining, but sometimes I just can't NOT complain!

@grandmar…..thank you for the food list link 😊