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Feb 25, 2019 · Alzheimer's: Wanting to connect with others in Mental Health

Today has been an ok day. I never know when I get up what's coming as in I will handle what the day brings or it goes the other way. Mary Kay and I had good discussions today and my frame of mind was ok. I just never know which way the day will go. It can be a rough day if something touches a nerve. Not knowing, not understanding what, when, and where, will take me over the cliff until I get a handle on things. Like a lot of folks I just never expected that I would have this disease. I had three heart attacks and multiple stents. I had a handle on that as I knew when there was trouble and what to do about it. Now, I do not know what to expect, or, when to expect it. I feel like I am crawling on a tree limb and someone is cutting the tree down. I was given a medication while at the neurologist' in Annapolis. It had a side effect that was unexpected and I was by myself driving several miles in a lot of traffic. I simply feel like there is a lot more I need to know hence my considering Mayo. I am back and forth on that due to our money being tight and not sure how it will go with the insurance. We have insurance but never encountered a situation like this. I am taking a lot of time with this so I will stop for now. Oh, did I tell you I am pretty scared?? That is hard for me to handle all of a sudden. Thanks for listening!!…….Steve Swinford

Feb 25, 2019 · Alzheimer's: Wanting to connect with others in Mental Health

Was just told what the diagnosis was and I would like to know all I can know about this disease and me and I would like to have Mayo take a look see!! I Was told in the last week or so and I want all the information that is out there. Feasible?? Your advice will be so important to my wife and I!!