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Wed, Feb 20 8:35pm · endometrial ablation or Hysterectomy in Women's Health

Thanks for the information Khauff

Wed, Feb 20 8:34pm · endometrial ablation or Hysterectomy in Women's Health

Thanks Lisa. Based on online research and info i can get on this topic, i will decide and talk to my doctor.

Wed, Feb 20 3:36pm · endometrial ablation or Hysterectomy in Women's Health

I am 36. I had two kids in my twenties. I had paraguard iud for 6+ years. After 5 years of paraguard iud, i had symptoms such as yeast infections, and poking feeling etc at which point i asked my gynecologist to remove it. Someone said Mirena would reduce periods and period related problems such as cramps. I had Mirena for few years but my period and period symptoms lasted the same, there wasn't any change. I experienced similar symptoms with Mirena as well (I could feel the strings etc) and hence got the mirena removed.
I haven't used shots or bc pills. I am not inclined with birth control pills as i am on medication for Thyroid.
Now i am in mid thirties and i feel like i don't want any kids and i don't want to deal with menustration, PMS every month. I really like the idea of getting Hysterectomy but wondering if it is the right choice in 30's. I looked in to endometrial ablation but wondering if it would entirely take away my periods or not.
What are the pros and cons of getting either a hysterectomy vs endometrial ablation?