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Feb 20, 2019 · Young, Chest Pain, yet Tests Normal – Heart Problems? in Heart & Blood Health

Yes I will keep you guys informed on how I am doing. I have a doctors appointment coming up soon and we are going to keep discussing these problems.

Feb 18, 2019 · Young, Chest Pain, yet Tests Normal – Heart Problems? in Heart & Blood Health

Hello. I dont want to give out to much personal information as I am unaware of who will be seeing this message. My name is Jim Angeles. I am a 16 year old that lives in Arkansas. I am in the 11th grade. I have been struggling with my health for a while now and I am unsure of what to do. Let me start at the beginning…

Back when I was in 8th grade, I began to run regularly. Before this I had never really had an active life. That was back in 2016 if I recall correctly. I dont exactly remember when but towards the end of the year going into 2017, I began to experience these palpitations. Nothing would hurt during these episodes, my heart would just beat really fast and I could feel it and so could my mother when she put her hand on my chest. We went to see a doctor for this and I was referred to a cardiologist where he did this thing where he put some gel on my chest and used this device that could see into my chest or something. Then I wore a holter monitor for 48 hours to monitor my heart. Everything came back to be normal and the palpitations stopped about a month after they started.

Fast forward a bit to August (still in 2017). At this point I’m in 10th grade. I dont know if what I am going to say in this part matters but I want to give as many details on my previous health problems as possible. So towards the end of August going into september. I began to feel really sick. It turned out that I was allergic to milk and wheat. It took me a bit to adjust my diet and I struggled to eat right, as my choices were very limited. (Now I have a healthy diet and I dont struggle with these problems anymore). I am also allergic to egg but I have also adjusted my diet for this. I dont struggle with my diet and I eat well.

Now lets fast forward to the end of 2018. Im in 11th grade now and this happened just at the end of last year.

At the beginning of November last year, I was in class one day. We were watching a movie and I was falling asleep (yes these details are important because I want you to note that I was in a non-stressful situation). All of a sudden I get a sharp jab in my chest. And then another and another. The pain kept growing and growing. I got up and I walked out into the hall. My heart was pounding. It was beating so fast, it felt like it was going to pop out of my chest. I told my teacher and he went to get the nurse. They took me to their office but by then everything had stopped and I felt fine again. It was about a 5 minute timeframe before I got to the nurses office. They took my blood pressure and pulse and temperature and everything was normal expect that my heart rate was elevated a bit. 98 beats per minute if I recall correctly (and this was after it had calmed down). I went home and the rest of the evening I felt “okay”. My chest ached a bit and my body felt like it had been beat up.

A couple weeks later, I was on Thanksgiving break. I had been relaxing all week and there was nothing on my mind that I was worrying about (again note how I am not in a stressful situation). It was a Wednesday evening, I was relaxing on my bed watching a video, when all of a sudden my heart starts pounding. I noticed this right away and I got up. I walked around a bit and I was trying to breath deeply to calm myself. My chest had started hurting. Again it was those sharp jabs of pain. This episode lasted for about an hour. I became disoriented and It felt as if I was going to pass out. After everything passed, I remember my body felt so depleted of energy. I went to sleep thinking I would feel better the next day. The next day I woke up with chest pain. My veins would hurt and I remember I got another episode where my heart started racing. Then the next day after that was the same story. I remember that Friday I went to an Urgent Care clinic because the main clinic that I go to was closed. The doctor checked me and listened to my heart. Everything sounded normal. He said maybe there was some inflamed muscle that was pushing on the heart and causing the chest pain. Everyday after this just got worse and worse. I was experiencing all kinds of things. Sharp Jabs in my chest, needle sensations in my hands that would also spread to other parts of my body, pain in my left upper back and left part of my neck, pain in my veins, disorientation, dizziness, and every now and then it would feel like my heart was racing. I went to go see my doctor and she referred me to a Cardiologist. When I went to go see the Cardiologist, he said that It would be best if I wore a cardiac event monitor for 30 days that would record any abnormal rhythms in my heart to see if there was a problem they could detect. Though out the 30 days that I wore the monitor, it automatically recorded things on multiple occasions. I remember one time my friends and I went to a jumping place and while we were there I started to feel kind of bad and the monitor automatically recorded something on 3 separate times while we were there. Fast forward a bit, after the 30 days the results came back and everything was normal. I was shocked and so was my mother. I did have a couple times where my heart rate elevated slightly, but nothing out of the ordinary according the cardiologist. So I went to go see my doctor and again she explained the results of the monitor and she told me she was confused. She was unsure of what to do. She told me that she would refer me to a social worker that they have at the clinic so I could see her and we would treat it as if it were “anxiety”. She also gave me Propanolol so that it could treat the elevated heart rate and if it is anxiety, it could also help with that.

Now fast forward to present day. This is where I stand right now. I have constant sensations all over my body. It feels like tiny needles pricking me. I will also get jabs in my chest. I havent had palpitations and I think the Propanolol is helping with that. But I still do get this feeling where it feels like my heart has a hic up or a “skipped beat”. I tried to get back into exercising by going out for a very light jog, but that triggered a lot of bad things. I started having very bad headaches after I went for a jog and they have been going on since last week Tuesday. I will become disoriented and I have had noticeable memory problems. My veins will also hurt sometimes and I will get pain on the left side of my neck. This is really interfering with my daily life. All these symptoms happen everyday and it feels like a battle trying to get to the end of the day because my energy levels are always low even though I sleep 10 to 12 hours everyday.

I would like to say one thing. I do not believe this is due to anxiety. My doctor is also not totally convinced that it is anxiety, she just wants us to go ahead and treat this as it were, For Now. She was very confused as she does not know what we could test next. I have had blood drawn and everything is normal. My vitamin D was low a couple weeks ago but I have been taking prescribed supplements for that. I have had multiple EKGs done and they were all normal. I would also like to add on that I have passed out twice due to these symptoms (this was last year). I have gone to the ER three times and everything was normal. Other than that I cant really think of anything else. I hope I am not leaving anything out. I

Again like I said I strongly do not believe that this is anxiety or panic attacks. There has to be a trigger to panic attacks and I have done everything to eliminate any kind of stress-triggering activity in my daily life. I am always relaxing and I do deep breathing exercises. Note that most of the episodes I have experienced have happened when I am relaxing or falling asleep and towards the end of the day.

Now this is where I need your help and input. For whoever reads this. I need help. I cant keep going like this. This is starting to affect my emotional health. I want to know what is wrong with me, but I dont really want to go to the doctor anymore because I dont know if my doctor can do anything for me.

Any thoughts?