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1 day ago · Average level of pain after TKR? in Joint Replacements

Thank you for saying this. I am 5.5 weeks out of my TKR and couldn't function without the Oxycodone. They are essential to PT and actually just getting around the house. I am doing well- 120 flexion and make steady progress. I too NEED the pain meds and have no interest in staying on them afterwards. They make me itch!!!

2 days ago · Biking anyone? in Joint Replacements

I read with interest about skiing after TKR here in this column. I am not a skier but am a bicycler and have been for years. I am interested in knowing how long it was before you felt you could get out and do basic rail trails again like you could before? I am 5 weeks post-TKR, got on the bike this week for the first time in PT and had no trouble at all with getting a full revolution the first time out. (PT told me to slow down!). I mentally need to think I'll be back in the saddle- pun intended- very soon but am not sure. Anyone care to share their experience?

3 days ago · Knee #2- am I ready? in Joint Replacements

Thanks for your reply! I wish cortisone still worked for me but after 5 years of shots, it doesn't. I do think I will chicken out if I don't get it done soon. I'm not shoveling snow but I am recovering well with flexion at 120 after 5 weeks and I'm driving to essential places like PT, the doctor and the pharmacy. I meet with the surgeon to discuss in a week so I'll surely take his opinion into consideration as well! Thank you.

4 days ago · Sleep! How are you doing? in Joint Replacements

Thank you so much for your reply- and I'm so sorry about your shoulder! Terrible. Your explanation of why I'm tired makes perfect sense! Wishing you well and wishing me more happy and restful sleep!!

6 days ago · Ability to lift leg in Joint Replacements

llar- I can totally related to "slow process on an impatient person". I thought this would be quick and relatively pain free! (All those people who said- "best thing I ever did. Wish I hadn't waited so long" failed to mention how difficult the recovery actually is). Thank goodness for the pain meds and assistive devices. I don't have a helpful spouse but if I ever wanted one– it would be now. Am talking to the surgeon about knee #2 tomorrow. I must be nuts but want this over with!

6 days ago · Sleep! How are you doing? in Joint Replacements

Thank, you hoover! That's exactly what I was hoping someone would tell me! I used to be happy with 6-7 hours a nigh but 11 was a new high for me!!

6 days ago · Sleep! How are you doing? in Joint Replacements

Thanks, JK. I was wondering if it was normal. Some days I don't even want to get out of bed!!

Tue, Mar 12 4:57pm · Sleep! How are you doing? in Joint Replacements

I am now 4.5 weeks past TKR. In the beginning,
I had the insomnia everyone talked about. Until recently, I continued to use an alarm and wake myself up to keep my medication dosage even so I wouldn’t get behind on the pain. But the last two weeks- wow- all I want to do is sleep! I nap for an hour after breakfast, fall asleep again after lunch, doze with the TV in the evening and then go to bed at 10! According to my Fitbit, I’ve clocked 11.5 hours of sleep since yesterday! Friends warned me that they felt super tired so I wanted to ask this group— are you tired? Way more than normal? How long does this last?? I feel like a slug- but a very happy one! It’s cold outside and I’m curled up inside!!