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Wed, May 15 6:36am · Second knee replacement 12 weeks after first-- will pain meds work? in Joint Replacements

Thank you everyone for your input. My surgeon chose dilaudid instead of oxycodone for pain relief for the second knee and it's actually a big improvement. I was able to successfully and fairly easily wean off the oxy in 2 weeks without horrible side effects at all. I am expecting to do the same with the dilaudid. With the latter, I was much more clear headed, did not get the oxy "rash" and "itch" issues, and pain management seemed more effective. I am very pleased with the change in medication as a way to improve effectiveness.

Fri, May 3 12:43pm · No energy and total knee replacement in Joint Replacements

It's normal, normal, normal!! When I hit 3-4 weeks post my TKR, I felt like i had narcolepsy. All I wanted to do was sleep. Your body's gone through major trauma and it needs rest so just go with it. Plus the opioids make you sleepy too. It may get worse before it gets better. Enjoy the naps, lay around in bed and just take advantage of it. You'll have plenty of time to get back to normal!

Fri, May 3 12:39pm · Second knee replacement 12 weeks after first-- will pain meds work? in Joint Replacements

So I'm having Knee #2 replaced next week. I'm still on a very low dose of oxycodone and will be up until surgery. My surgeon warned me today that the pain meds may not be as effective for me on this time and pain is something I'll have to worry about and manage. Does anyone have any experience with this or can give me some idea of what they went through. Clearly pain is the worst part of this operation– it was bad enough the first time. But now I have to go through it again and am told it will be worse. Help!

Wed, Mar 27 7:29pm · Getting both knees done... in Joint Replacements

I totally understand! I found a big improvement about week 6- hope you do too. The fatigue part has passed for me too so it’s going to get better for you!

I booked a very cool vacation for myself as an incentive to get through this. Having just retired, I want to travel a lot and the knees were a limiting factor. I am doing very well in PT so I think I can make it all work! I have given myself the option to cancel the trip, of course, but it’s a real “carrot” at the end of this ordeal!

Wed, Mar 27 7:22pm · Getting both knees done... in Joint Replacements

Thank you for your inspirational story! Your numbers are amazing and your courage to do both at once is admirable. I was in great shape nearly all of my adult like and am making great progress in PT. I am optimistic about my recovery and I hope realistic about my recuperation. Thank you for sharing your story with me/is.

Wed, Mar 27 10:49am · Getting both knees done... in Joint Replacements

My gait wasn’t bad but walking in stores is hard- those floors! I walk as much as I can without the cane. I try to remember heel-toe-heel-toe when I walk. Just walk like nothing happened- or mentally picture that if you can. Try not to “favor” it. That’s my best advice. It will come back with time. Don’t think about it if you can. Good luck!!!

Wed, Mar 27 10:46am · Getting both knees done... in Joint Replacements

Thank you! All prayers are welcome!!

Wed, Mar 27 8:34am · Getting both knees done... in Joint Replacements

Thanks, Emb123 and dkapustin. I am 62, just about to turn 63 this week! My flexion has been at 120 since week 4, and extension has been 0 for a while too. I am doing quite well in the house and living alone, I consider that an accomplishment! I've been driving since week 4 also. My "good" knee is NOT so good given that it's worked so hard for the surgery knee lately. I just want them both done and over with so I can get on with my life! Since all the equipment is out, the deductible has been met, and I'm afraid I'll chicken out if I wait…., I'm going to do it now. It is a tough surgery. I'm not sure I was clear that the recovery was going to be like this!