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Feb 16, 2019 · Draino guts with tender nuts in Digestive Health

I would consider anything at this point. Travel is possible.

Feb 16, 2019 · Draino guts with tender nuts in Digestive Health

40yo. 2015 My stomach/guts feels like I drank Draino at least once a day randomly, and my guts are irritated constantly, spasming at times. No reflux, bloating, gas, blood in stool, or abnormal BM though. Aug 2017 right testicle pain and conjunctivitis developed, white eye discharge, discharge in toilet. After many doctors, CT scans, ultrasound, bloodwork, STD tests, and rounds of antibiotics later, no diagnosis and very little relief. Nutritionalist "said" I have Candida overgrowth from spinal surgery in 2014, so I've been on a keto diet for 10 months, good probiotics, Lglutamine, and heavy oregano oil (1-2grams per day). While it seemed to improve with each step, my testicle still hurts daily, right kidney is screaming, guts leave me in fetal position often, and my heart palpates hourly (from low carbs I guess). I've seen family doc, GI doc, urologist 3+ times, and cardiologist over the past year – everyone says I'm perfectly healthy. The infectious disease doc wouldn't even see me because my records show I'm healthy, of which I am obviously not. I know candida takes time, and everyone promises I'm not dying, but it hurts something fierce. Help if you can.