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Tue, Feb 19 5:23am · Pembrolizumab (Keytruda), Cannabis and Cannabinoids in Lung Cancer

I am stage 4 mesothelioma. I am using Keytruda and THC at the same time. I used THC for over 4 months now, and only started the Keytruda treatment last week. My oncologist didn't stop me using the oil. He said current research study is limited and no conclusion to strongly suggest one way or the other.

Sat, Feb 16 12:51pm · Cannabis oil and Immunotherapy in Lung Cancer

No idea. Anybody had the Keytruda experience?

Sat, Feb 16 10:59am · Cannabis oil and Immunotherapy in Lung Cancer

Thanks for the advice. The treatment went OK yesterday. No any noticeable change in the body.

Fri, Feb 15 2:22am · Cannabis oil and Immunotherapy in Lung Cancer

I take CBD/THC for 1. Pain control, 2. Hopefully a cure. I discussed with my oncologist. He mentioned about the Isreal reported that CO can interfered with Keytruda and making it less effective. I am also PD-L1 negative. So the effectively of the treatment is unsure. But there is no better immunotherapy option? Is there any?

Fri, Feb 15 2:10am · Using CBD/THC Oil to fight metastatic lung cancer in Lung Cancer

I had quite the opposite feeling. The chest loose up as I took CBD or THC sublingual.

Thu, Feb 14 2:41pm · Cannabis oil and Immunotherapy in Lung Cancer

I will start my immunotherapy (Keytruda) tomorrow. I was diagnosed with mesothelioma biphasic in July 17. Had 2 chemo, both didn't work. I had 1 Keytruda cycle in September 18, but had to stop due to lung infection and inflammation. Started taking the oil in Oct 18, but does not seem helping. One nodule is already 65mm in Jan 19. This is my last chance to help my body now.

Thu, Feb 14 12:44pm · Cannabis oil and Immunotherapy in Lung Cancer

Are they compatible, I.e. taking CO while having immunotherapy? Any experience from anybody who use bothv