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Fri, Mar 20 11:20am · TOES AND HEELS PLUS ATROPHY OF CALF in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I definitely have weak muscles. My left leg that I will have hip surgery is atrophy. A lot smaller in the calf than the right leg. If I can stand up completely straight and take a few steps very slow I can do it without a limp, but I cannot hole it.

Mon, Mar 16 11:19am · Total hip replacement in Joint Replacements

Did your hip replacement help with the limp? I feel like a lot of the limp is from the hip and I step hard with the good foot which hurt the back. If you had it to all over again would you do it different ? I have scheduled the hip surgery, but today I feel like it's my back LOL… I was told by the neurosurgeon. that I have spondothelsis [sp] and spinal stenosus. I would need a spinal fusion and clean out all around the lower spine to free nerves. part of left foot that has the bad hip doesn't work right and will not get better.. It is a very hard decision, but I just feel like the hip replacement could help the back pain.

Sun, Mar 15 9:13am · Total hip replacement in Joint Replacements

I was in awful pain in the groin several months ago. X ray and MRI showed OA. The specialist said I need a LTHR. I have waited all of these months because I have major back problems also and need surgery. The neurosurgeon for the back said which ever one hurts the worst do first. Well its different everyday.The hip only hurts real bad when I move a certain way or get up and down, but my limp hurts as I come down so hard on the good leg.. I’m thinking of doing the LTHR because it seems a little less avasive and maybe it will help my limp which will help the back some. I can live with all of this with pain meds, but I would like a better quality of live. Has anyone had anything similar…??

Mon, Feb 10 4:29pm · Aching legs from Small Fiber Neuropathy in Neuropathy

If you have pain in the groin it is most likely your hip. I am getting ready to have a THR…If heat helps you have you considered getting a small sauna.. I have thought about it, but I'm not sure it helps me.

Sat, Jan 25 12:26pm · TOES AND HEELS PLUS ATROPHY OF CALF in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I have a lot of back problems also, spondyscthelsis sp and spinal stenosis. I really don't want surgery for this, but would like the hip surgery.
Has anyone had all of this going on??

Sat, Jan 25 12:20pm · metabolic encephalopathy in Brain & Nervous System

Please has anyone been diagonised with this or know someone who has ??

Thu, Jan 23 10:45am · Spinal Fusion: Upcoming surgery, what was your experience, any tips? in Spine Health

Has anyone had this done and would you do it again?My back doesn't hurt as much as the burning all over. I have sever spondolthesis and I believe this is my only option. My feet are not numb, but burning . I just don't know which way to turn as I've been told I need a hip replacement also. That would be minor compared to the back. Which one first ????

Wed, Jan 22 12:42pm · metabolic encephalopathy in Brain & Nervous System

I have a dear friend has just been diagnosed with this. She has been in the hospital 6 or 7 times since May.
It all started with low sodium.This was caused because of UTI and kidneys.
She is in a bad state right now and on so many drugs. She says she doesn't want to go on like this.Do you know of anyone who has this ??
What can help her if there is help? The Drs. don't seem to suggest anything, just more drugs.