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Feb 12, 2019 · Teen with weird mono...or not? in Infectious Diseases

Thank you @ethanmcconkey for the welcome and introducing me to other members. I will check out the linked post in a minute.

We got his results back and hes EBV antibodies are exactly the same, however, his CRP is 237. His white blood cell count is also elevated. We got an appointment with an ID specialist for Thursday, so I hope we will know more.

Feb 11, 2019 · Teen with weird mono...or not? in Infectious Diseases

My 16 year old son started to feel weak a few weeks ago. So weak, he could not get out of the bed. He also had low grade fever, so since the flu started going around, we quickly got him tested so if it is the flu, we could start Tamiflu. It was negative. Day four of the same, he had a very painful neck and could barely move his head, together with fever and malaise. We rushed him to the ER to rule out meningitis. They ran blood tests and his CRP was 197 and he also had elevated white blood cells. They were saying it was not meningitis and wanted to send us home, but they quickly did a monospot test, which was positive. They sent us home, saying it was mono. We had to follow up with the pedi in a few days. When we went to see her, she looked at his blood test results and said it did not look like mono. She ordered an arrey of tests (viral panel, CMV, bartonella, blood culture, flu again, etc) and the EBV test. Everything was negative, except he still had the same elevated CRP and the EBV test showed past infection, according to her. His igG was positive, igM negative and his nuclear igG was also positive. She said it meant he did NOT have acute mono infection, but it is rather something else. We were sent home to wait and see if he gets better in a few days. Meanwhile, my kid had been sicker than ever. No cold symptoms, but no energy, fever, sweating, and a lot of discomfort. I am talking about a 16 year old who did not touch his xbox remote for 10 days. One night his fever spiked up to 103, than dropped to 95 so we went back to the ER. They were very rude and sent us home that they already told us it was mono and he will get better. The pediatrician the next day said she still doesn’t believe them, so we should go and see an ID specialist. However, right after that fever episode, he started feeling better. We let him rest for 3 more days and he went back to school. He was able to go to school for a week and a half without symptoms and we were releived. Unfortunately, this past Friday night, he relapsed. Fever came back and the poor kid has been in bed ever since. He has never had a sore throat or any cold symptoms, except for a bad dry cough. His lungs are clear. The only thing we know is that he has a negative igM titer, the other two are positive, monospot positive, elevated white blood cells, liver enzyme was slightly elevated and roof high CRP. 16 days of fever, 9 days of feeling perfectly well, and now day 3 with fever. They did a blood test today and we are waiting for the results. I have been researching like crazy to try to find some explanation. If anyone has any similar experience, would appreciate the input. We will see an ID dr for sure and I would want to be prepared. Thank you!