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Feb 10, 2019 · Looking for Specialist in Central Florida or NYC (Or anywhere really) in MAC & Bronchiectasis

My father has been in and out of the hospital with trouble breathing, coughing etc.. since July 2018 – On and off of antibiotics – sent home on antibiotics via intravenous (minocycline, levaquin – not sure of the names) begins to feel better but then once off the antibiotics it all starts coming back again. On one sputum sample he was told he has MAC but a second test was needed to confirm – apparently that one was negative. The next test he has was from a bronchoscopy – results still unknown.
The doctors he is seeing at the moment are trying to blame his discomfort on COPD – But this was never an issue before – He was working on things in the house- remodeling etc.. previous to July 2017 – This is a sudden thing that came on to him and doesn't seem to be going away. He has had nodules on his lungs for many years although in more recent scans from what I understand more have appeared. I think it's time we find someone that can give us answers! I am really at the point where I will take a leave of absence at work if necessary to get him the help he needs. He is in Kissimmee, FL right now – close to me – but is a resident of Queens, NY. But if necessary and an excellent doctor can be recommended anywhere we'll go! Please help, we appreciate all the advice we can get. Thank you