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Tue, Sep 10 9:08am · Hearing Loss: Come introduce yourself and connect with others in Hearing Loss

Well…Grrrrr. There must be someone who can help you with that. I wonder if your medical insurer, specifically your audiologist, could persuade Apple to either replace your battery or GIVE you another phone for medical purposes.

Tue, Sep 10 8:03am · Hearing Loss: Come introduce yourself and connect with others in Hearing Loss

Good morning Jim. I'm sure your answer to this question is yes, but have you worked with your audiologist to help you find the best possible way to sync your hearing aids to your cell phone? My Resound app has a speech clarity button, and also a "boost" button for VERY hard to understand voices. Those options combined with volume control have helped me understand voices i couldn't manage before. I love your idea of learning ASL. Best of luck to you!

Sat, Aug 31 4:27pm · Midriff expanding after chemo and/or aromatase inhibitors in Breast Cancer

Tunics are my go-to tops now!

Sat, Aug 31 3:42pm · Spinal epidurals in Spine Health

Has anyone had a bad reaction to a spinal epidural? I had one 4 days ago. I seem to have lost my appetite, and have to take long naps during the day. I've had several epidurals over the years and never had a reaction like this.

Thu, Aug 29 5:06pm · SERMs and AIs - Choosing not to take them in Breast Cancer

I'm sorry you're having all this pain. i hope the new drug is better, Trixie.

Thu, Aug 29 12:10pm · SERMs and AIs - Choosing not to take them in Breast Cancer

Good morning everybody, I just finished my 6 week hiatus from Arimidex. In my previous post on August 16th, I listed all the side effects I was having from that drug. Here is what I've noticed after 6 weeks away: my joint pain has subsided. Pain in my hands and feet is gone and even my thumb pain is almost gone. I no longer have insomnia, except for the occasional nights, caused by something other than the drug (like being 74!) My fatigue has lessened. I just had a two week bout of leg and knee pain, but that was caused by stenosis. I had an epidural on Tuesday and that helped immensely. Sooo…. Monday I will will return to the Arimidex, mainly because i want protection from a recurrence of cancer and because from what I've read on this amazing, helpful site, all of the AI's have similar side effects and I guess I don't want to have to deal with any new and unpredictable ones. Thank you all for your presence here in these discussions!

Wed, Aug 28 9:49am · Resound or Oticon? in Hearing Loss

@nurseheadake Eloise, your Resounds don't have the little wire that goes into your ear, correct? Is the unit that fits behind your ear pretty small? My last hearing aids, Phonaks were behind the ear, no wire, and were quite large. too large. I got thim several years ago I'm just still having a problem with the wire and the the little cone insert in my new Resounds. I'm wondering how the newer Phonaks are in comparison to the Resounds quality-wise.

Sat, Aug 17 4:13pm · Spinal stenosis: Relief through exercise in Spine Health

Beautifully said, Dorisena. Amomynous, I think her last two sentences speak for all of us in this forum.