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Fri, May 10 10:58am · H. Pylori in Transplants

It all started last Monday when I felt nauseous when I got home from work. That sent me in full blown panic attack. From there on Tuesday went to doc and he was more concerned about treating the anxiety versus the stomach pain. Well fast forward to Thursday night I couldn’t take it no longer. Went to the er, was dehydrated, they did ct scan and ultrasound and even kept me for 2 nights to find nothing. Now here it is Monday and I am feeling the pain in my stomach. Bad acid reflux. Has anyone ever had Helicobacter pylori? I have a doctors appointment tomorrow morning and going to have him check me for this. Guess next step is a scope? Could I have a bad virus? Answers.

Fri, Apr 12 4:45pm · Aches and Pains in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Recently I have noticed almost a aching feeling in my arms, almost like my bones are sore. Could this mean something? Ugh

Wed, Apr 10 9:54am · Felling like a pinched nerve? in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Hi there, well I just noticed maybe within the last week when breathing in and house a very faint pain just below the collarbone on the right side. Then I noticed this morning when I woke up that i had slight tingling down my right arm, and at the palm of hand it felt slightly numb. Def felt different that the left side of my arm. I took some aspirin and seems to be helping, just didn't know if its worth making an appointment over.

Wed, Apr 10 8:20am · Felling like a pinched nerve? in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I recently had discovered that I have this weird feeling on the right side just below my collarbone when I breath in and out, now I feel very light numbness/tingling in by palm of my hand. Would you say this might be a pinched nerve? It comes and goes but is it worth making an appointment for? I just not trying to work myself up if its just nothing major.

Mon, Feb 11 12:39pm · What is going on with me?!?! in Depression & Anxiety

Hi Merry, Good Afternoon. I really do appreciate all your feedback and I am going to look to schedule a appointment with a GI doctor just to be on the safe side. I honestly don't find myself needing to go to a alcohol counselor regarding this issue.

Sat, Feb 9 8:24am · What is going on with me?!?! in Depression & Anxiety

Hi there. Thank you for the response. Your telling me , Hydroxyzine Pamoate is to treat someone with alcohol withdrawal. No where on the bottle does it say not to drink alcohol or in the information they gave me. COMMON USES: It is used to treat itching. It is used to treat anxiety. I am not even More confused.

Fri, Feb 8 10:42pm · What is going on with me?!?! in Depression & Anxiety

Hi there! Nice to meet you. I have been to my doctor several times. He doesn’t think anything is wrong. I’ve had wine since. I am just not sure what to do. Part of me thinks I’m over stresssed at work then any little like I feel wrong just sends me in a panic. I just don’t know what to do

Fri, Feb 8 8:43pm · What is going on with me?!?! in Depression & Anxiety

Hi! I’m 37 and within the past 6-8 months I have started having anxiety. It all first started after drinking a lot of wine one night waking up next day with the worse stomach pain. In which turned into me going to urgent care feeling like I was going to pass out. From that point they sent me to er. I sent myself into full blown panic attack in which I had never had and thought I was dying. After ct scan, blood work, and ekg everything came back fine. Now several month later I have noticed having anxiety issues more and more. Now to a point where I have the tightness in my chest ,pain in my stomach like I’m dying. I have been prescribed Hydroxyzine To take on as needed basis to control that on edge feeling. I have noticed I find myself taking these more often than not. I just don’t know what’s going on. Should I be concerned?!?! I am just over feeling like this.