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Tue, Jun 9 9:06am · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

I have been Grovers free for about a year now. I continued with the cilantro long past the time that Grovers disappeared JUST IN CASE! Recently, I have a cilantro shake only about once a week. On the GD Facebook site I continue to read that many have obtained success using Gold Bond powder. One person did an experiment and used a prescription on one half of her chest/midriff and Gold Bond on the other half. 4 to 6 weeks later she showed her derm the results. The Gold Bond side was completely clear. The prescription drug side was hardly clearing at all. She had been a GD sufferer for years. There are many other reports of the Gold Bond powder helping. Apparently, it is the menthol in the powder. She used extra strength. I am mentioning this because it might be something to try. I shall do so if my GD returns.

Fri, May 15 2:15pm · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

I like the idea of a long plastic spoon. I have use a long wooden paint stirrer and a silicon spatula with a long handle. Not ideal but beter than nothing. I am going to try the plastic spoon next. It seems like it would have the best surface material.

Fri, May 15 11:10am · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

If you use a thick cream it gets caught up in the roll on applicator and wasted.

Sat, May 9 11:19am · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

@helpformeandu I truly agree with gardeningjunkie. Read this blog from the beginning. Even though others may have symptoms different from yours, you may eventually experience other symptoms and you will be prepared. Do not give up being patient with the cilantro. It takes longer for some than others. While it is doing it's detox work you can try topical creams. All are mentioned in the blog. I am also stressing the importance of having cotton next to your skin. Even your synthetic upholstery couch may affect your neck or scalp. Pillow cases, sheets, covers should all be cotton. I learned to place a cotton pillow case on the back of my favorite high-backed upholstered rocker to protect my back when watching TV. I am 16 months from initial outbreak. I was religious with the cilantro for over a year and just recently cut it down to once or twice a week, mostly for the benefit of the fruit and cilantro on my digestive tract. If I have an occasional area that begins to itch the bumps don't even show. The itch now comes from deep within. I simply apply triamcinolone for one or two applications. Then I increase cilantro shakes for a bit. I have a double whammy with leiomyomas associated with HLRCC which also itch and hurt. I have found that stress can be a major culprit. It definitely creates havoc with the immune system. During this time of Covid it is best to try to be as healthy as possible and keep your immune system in tip top shape. The good news is that you can always return to this site to brag, complain or question. We are all here for support and to support. Good luck.

Sun, May 3 8:33pm · The itch is spreading. My skin has multiple issues. in Skin Health

I have no experience with this issue but I do have experience with trying to get in to see the dermatologist. I would call every single day, say you will take a cancellation, tell them you are fearful for your mental health because of the symptoms, ask what you can possibly do to get an appointment. Call every single day till you get in. Call other derms in your area. Give each a solid story of your progression. Ask if you can show them your back with telemedicine. Do not give up. At some point, you may wear them down. In the meantime, avoid all pressure on the areas, only cotton next to your skin, try lidocaine topical cream (may need prescription), take benedral, use no soap on the area, scrutinize your diet and keep calling derms till you get in. September is a long time away! Good luck, and please post updates for those who us who are now worrying about you. I do not believe this is a matter for a family doctor unless your family doc can get you in to see the dermatologist sooner.

Fri, Apr 17 12:08pm · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

@mnitchke Because you mentioned "poor personal thoughts" I want to make you aware of the fact that Accutane can have the side effect of suicidal tendencies. I know this because of a personal experience with someone who took it for teen age acne and tried to overdose, unsuccessfully, thank goodness. A great deal of research was done and we found many teenagers were suicidal who were on Accutane and, when stopped, the tendencies disappeared. Everyone is wired differently so this is not true for all but if there is the slightest chance that you can react this way you should know it. We all care about you on this site and want to protect you and befriend you with our knowledge. You can try topical lidocaine, which is an anesthetic, slapping, which is better than scratching and of course the cilantro because you have nothing to lose and it will not harm you.
From the Internet: "While you (or your child) is taking Accutane, watch for any symptoms of depression, like:
Changes in mood and behavior.
Feeling unusually sad, angry, irritable, or aggressive.
Trouble concentrating.
Suicidal thoughts, or thoughts of hurting yourself.
Seeing or hearing things that are not real."
You can research even more. I know some have been helped by Accutane but I do not believe it is worth the risk.

Sun, Apr 12 11:55am · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

@mnitchke The only way you will know if the cilantro will work for you is to try it and patiently stick with it. For some it took months to resolve or lighten. It might be wise to also add chlorella (tablets can be purchased on internet) to help with the cilantro. I am a believer in the cilantro, cotton and whole 30 diet for the worst of the time. Click on my name and you can read my posts only. Start at the bottom, which is the beginning. That is much easier than trying to tell you everything I know.

Mon, Apr 6 9:58pm · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

@catlover32 If it is Grovers, your best bet would be to start at the beginning of this thread and read thorough all the posts. There is a wealth of information and things we have done to get relief. I am a cilantro smoothie advocate, as well as all cotton next to the skin. Diet also helps because of inflammatory foods. Good luck.