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2 days ago · Grover's disease in Skin Health

I like my Oster Blender because it has all metal parts, is easy to clean, and had a plastic container so it is light.

3 days ago · Grover's disease in Skin Health

Grover's Disease Support Group is the Facebook site I checked out. Those poor people are just floundering. I encourage all of you to help them. I keep trying to refer them to this site. They have posted many photos also. Many of them won't try cilantro because they hate the taste. Been there but learned to love the smoothies because of everything I learned on this site. I cannot ever express to you how much I appreciate what this group has done for me. To think I believed monsters were trying to crawl out of my skin with itching painful claws! Yup, that is how it felt.

Thu, Sep 12 12:59pm · Grover's disease in Skin Health

I had never heard of molybdenum before. I got this from wikipedia. Note the chronic ingestion of more than 10 mg daily and its affect.

Human metabolism and deficiency[edit]
Molybdenum is an essential trace dietary element.[76] Four mammalian Mo-dependent enzymes are known, all of them harboring a pterin-based molybdenum cofactor(Moco) in their active site: sulfite oxidase, xanthine oxidoreductase, aldehyde oxidase, and mitochondrial amidoxime reductase.[77] People severely deficient in molybdenum have poorly functioning sulfite oxidase and are prone to toxic reactions to sulfites in foods.[78][79] The human body contains about 0.07 mg of molybdenum per kilogram of body weight,[80] with higher concentrations in the liver and kidneys and lower in the vertebrae.[38] Molybdenum is also present within human tooth enamel and may help prevent its decay.[81]
Acute toxicity has not been seen in humans, and the toxicity depends strongly on the chemical state. Studies on rats show a median lethal dose (LD50) as low as 180 mg/kg for some Mo compounds.[82] Although human toxicity data is unavailable, animal studies have shown that chronic ingestion of more than 10 mg/day of molybdenum can cause diarrhea, growth retardation, infertility, low birth weight, and gout; it can also affect the lungs, kidneys, and liver.[83][84] Sodium tungstate is a competitive inhibitor of molybdenum. Dietary tungsten reduces the concentration of molybdenum in tissues.[38]
Low soil concentration of molybdenum in a geographical band from northern China to Iran results in a general dietary molybdenum deficiency, and is associated with increased rates of esophageal cancer.[85][86] Compared to the United States, which has a greater supply of molybdenum in the soil, people living in those areas have about 16 times greater risk for esophageal squamous cell carcinoma.[87]
Molybdenum deficiency has also been reported as a consequence of non-molybdenum supplemented total parenteral nutrition (complete intravenous feeding) for long periods of time. It results in high blood levels of sulfite and urate, in much the same way as molybdenum cofactor deficiency. However (presumably since pure molybdenum deficiency from this cause occurs primarily in adults), the neurological consequences are not as marked as in cases of congenital cofactor deficiency.[88]

Wed, Sep 11 7:26pm · Grover's disease in Skin Health

@kimass1 What is the name of the Facebook page?

Fri, Aug 30 12:06pm · Grover's disease in Skin Health

@kimass1 Yes, thank you from the depths of my being for introducing us to the cilantro plan. I bless you daily! Also bless @gardeningjunkie for her many inputs that changed my life. (Whole 30, cotton, etc.)

Sun, Aug 25 10:38pm · Grover's disease in Skin Health

@july4 I suggest you do what most of us have done. Go to the very first post on this site and read everything in order. You will learn what some have gone through and how they managed to cope. When Grovers is really bad and you are truly miserable you will try things you would not believe would work. Believe me, they do. At my worst, I switched to a whole 30 eating plan, only put cotton next to my skin and began the cilantro smoothies. I absolutely hate the taste of cilantro but I was really miserable so I made my smoothie with a lot of frozen bananas, strawberries, blueberries and almond milk since I am lactose intolerant. I could never use an entire bunch at one time so I managed with dividing the bunches into two and later 4 portions. I put so much almond mild in that I am probably drinking 4 cups in each smoothie. Eventually I began freezing the individual portions of cilantro for ease in preparation. Not only did my Grover's slowly disappear, but my digestive system improved and I lost weight. I was becoming healthier in my eating habits. The cilantro was detoxing the metals from my body, probably accumulated over a lifetime ( I am 78) and I also supplemented with chlorella pill. Chlorella and cilantro work in tandem. The encouragement from others on this site made a big difference to me. I had never heard of Grovers before my diagnosis. My dermatologist told me it is not as rare to see it in Arizona because this is such a hot dry climate. He often suggests going to a humid area for relief, such as a beach. What works for one does not work for all. Obviously, the beach aggravated your condition. Since I responded to the cilantro I have managed to skip it occasionally but I actually like how my digestive system responds to it. My outbreak was diagnosed in early February and I was free of the rash within a month or so.

Wed, Aug 21 9:10am · Grover's disease in Skin Health

@gardeningjiunkie I am surprised you did not have skin cancer with that cycle of burns, peels and repeats. Wow! I guess you are fortunate in that regard.

Tue, Aug 20 10:26pm · Grover's disease in Skin Health

@jbd3 Never for me. However, I did have a pool and got tan. I don't think there is a correlation.