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Sat, Feb 9 2:23am · Gastroparesis* in Digestive Health

Yes some are common with IBS but this is a lot more going on here than IBS.

Fri, Feb 8 10:06am · Gastroparesis* in Digestive Health

Also I start having light handedness followed by a shiffering feeling with tingles run through my body. Been suffering from this from 2004 and I would give all i own to be normal again.

Fri, Feb 8 9:39am · Gastroparesis* in Digestive Health

Only you guys understand how I'm feeling. I get so bloated it's unreal. When I'm severely bloated I can feel numbness in my head, arms, shoulders, fingers, legs, well basically anywhere on my body. I feel drozy, light headed, and can face the world. I can't belch, fart nor poo like before. Even by some miracle i do get to poo and for a minute i feel like im back to nornal and i feel more energy then i start get bloated rapidly again. And most times I poo it feel like I'm not empty. This as ruined my life completely. Doctor once said it's IBS but I really think this is something that they don't have a clue about. I've become my own doctor for this now and try to do all I can to live life as comfortable as I can but it's truly hard. I really thought I was the only one going through this. If anyone finds a cure or someway to keep it calming let me know please