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Jun 17, 2019 · Cochlear Implants in Hearing Loss

Dear Judy, 4 months since my CI was connected and I still feel like I’m a miracle everyday! My 3 m evaluation showed that before CI with both hearing aids my sentence recognition was 14% and now it is 100%! hearing in noise was 0, and now is 60%. Amazing. My audiologist says I am a Superstar and I certainly feel like one. I am grateful every single day. My story similar to so many others, diminishing hearing then profoundly deaf and Hearing Aids not helpful and such a misery, for me especially but also my husband and family who felt a great loss. I didn’t know of anyone who had a CI or about HLAA so my research was long and arduous. I tried to “keep up” socially but so exhausting. I even took Italian lessons! Which were so difficult but ultimately helped with CI in ‘stretching “ my brain as my audiologist said. After 3 years of being deaf and all that entails, I chose John Hopkins and began my journey to hearing. At first evaluation I was “overqualified’ for a CI and Medicare coverage. Still I continued to research, I found and walked into an HLAA office one day and met 2 women who had CIs and one who had used Johns Hopkins and same surgeon I was considering. One woman very young and the other my age and I was so excited! From that point on my decision was made and began the process, including meeting with surgeon, audiologists, CAT scans, physical etc. Surgery in mid January and connected one month later. I chose Cochlear brand because it is the most compatible with IPhone and Resound which were my former hearing aids. I was told that all 3 companies are very good and just a matter of individual differences, like IPhone. As I mentioned, I could hear and understand immediately, I can talk on the phone with Cochlear program and works like a charm, I can hear TV although accents and dialects not so much. Background noise is an issue because I am hypersensitive to it but can hear as well as a hearing person in noisy restaurants and places. Sometimes difficult with wind or person not close by to be able to tell where sound is coming from but that is minor to me. I was supposed to have an evaluation for a hearing aid on my left year but decided to wait til 6m visit to see if I want one because I hear as much as I want right now. Haha. I can’t praise Johns Hopkins enough, every doctor audiologist technician and support has been outstanding and continues to be. I understand that this is just my experience and others vary but I can only speak of mine. This is very long Judy but I hope it helps, I would have been happy to have such input when I was first considering. I am happy to answer any questions you may have . I wish you the best on your journey, Christina

Feb 28, 2019 · Cochlear Implants in Hearing Loss

I have been following the Hearing Loss thread but feel I should share on this one. I had Cochlear Implant surgery just 2 weeks ago and I am thrilled. I could hear right away, the audiologist and my husband, and it has improved daily. I heard sleet on our glass roof the other day, and hear my little grandsons high voices. And it is supposed to continue to improve for months even year. My story before very similar to those on HL thread. Just about deaf for 3 years, and modest hearing for 4 yrs previous with HA in both ears. Could “hear” face to face one on one and the rest downhill. Continued to work as an interior designer but with difficulty, used email for the most part. Couldn’t talk on telephone hear TV and so on and so forth. I loved the silence when I could turn my HA off because all background noise eliminated. Was afraid I would miss that using CI but not so. I love turning it on and hearing! Background noise not an issue. My experience with Johns Hopkins in Maryland was wonderful, from surgeon to attendants to audiologist. It was a process to get to CI, knew so little about and knew no one with one so it took almost a year of research to make the decision. A long journey but so successful and happy now. A whole new life! And I should add HLAA helped me make the final decision, went to chapter (headquarters) in Bethesda, Md. last summer and met 2 that is 2 women with CI. A first for me. From that point the journey to CI surgery was on its way.

Feb 11, 2019 · Hearing Loss: Come introduce yourself and connect with others in Hearing Loss

I am very sorry to hear how your hearing loss has limited your life. It is comletely understandable.I encourage you to find a way to do those things you like to do. Is there any possibility you could have an assistant or a friend at those venues you mention to help you interpret and understand etc? As for being embarrassed, try not to be! It’s like eye glasses, or a limp, or any number of things. Everyone has something! It is an opportunity to share and educate people on hearing loss I think. As my hearing loss continued to deteriorate and I was no longer able to think it would come back or maybe infection, haha, I simply continued with my Italian lessons and working as an Interior designer. This is not to say it isn’t hard or exhausting which is true for both. But I explained to everyone I needed to be spoken to face to face and I found people very understanding in Italian class and work, I dropped out of those things I didn’t enjoy as much which in a way was a relief. I find larger social groups much harder because even if people know, they initially “yell” at you and then forget and go on as normal. It is exhausting trying to hear and I appreciate that. Sometimes I do opt out or turn off my HA in loud restaurants. Usually one person, my husband, or someone will help me out repeating or explaining the important, like what the waiter is saying. Not ideal but unfortunately, the other alternative is not to participate and that is even less fun so we just keep going as best we can. And like you, I am a writer and have thanked my lucky stars that I have always been a voracious reader and not a TV watcher and can “hear perfectly” by email. As a PS today is 4 weeks since I had Cochlear Implant surgery and for these weeks even more deaf since only have 1 bad ear instead of 2. But my CI will be connected on Wednesday and I am excited and nervous. My best to you.

Feb 7, 2019 · Hearing Loss: Come introduce yourself and connect with others in Hearing Loss

Hello, my name is Christina. I began losing my hearing in my late 50’s. Now am 74. It got progressively worse and I believe it may have a hereditary component. My paternal grandparents were deaf, only one congenitally, and my father began losing his hearing in his 40s. And deaf by my age. I had about 10% hearing and have felt truly handicapped. Then decided to explore Cochlear Implant. I had the CI surgery 3 weeks ago in my right ear. Now “deafer” since only left eat with HA. But I will be connected to the CI next week. And can let you know my progress if interested.