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3 days ago · Calmare (scrambler) Therapy anyone? in Neuropathy

I just thought that perhaps it would help someone else to use it! Yes, my feet are much more tolerable now! Lori Renee

4 days ago · Calmare (scrambler) Therapy anyone? in Neuropathy

Hi, It's Lori Renee again. A bit more about Calmare/ Scrambler Therapy. I had 10 treatments, for 45 minutes each treatment. Electrodes were attached to my feet and charged till they reached as far as I could tolerate without feeling pain. I felt vibrations, tiny stings here and there. Nothing painful at all. Each session, electrode placement might be changed a bit. After about the third session, pain decreased considerably and I had relaxed toes for the first time in a year. I could wiggle them, and that was a hoot!!!! The horrid sensations in my toes ended, and that created most of the pain. I still have very stiff ball of feet, but they do not throb anymore. They used to cause excruciating pain. The man who did the treatments had no answers for the symptoms that are left. I still use CBD salve on the balls of my feet, march in place so my feet stop burning. Like I said, Calmare is not perfect, but SO much better. I even got a bouquet of flowers after my treatment was over. I pray that my improvements. last. I may have to have booster treatments, but was told the pain never comes back as severe as it started. I went to Spero Pain Clinic in Riverwoods, Illinois. The owner of the clinic also does the treatments, and has had years of experience administering the treatment. He treats any kind of nerve related pain. God Bless him.

4 days ago · Calmare (scrambler) Therapy anyone? in Neuropathy

Hi there, it's Lori Renee. I suffered so badly from foot neuropathy that I finally tried Scrambler Therapy. I had throbbing, stabbing, contorted, burning, balls of feet and toes. I could barely wear shoes, yet barefoot was very bad also. After trying acupuncture, P.T., cold laser at home, gapapentin, duloxetine, I finally tried Scrambler Therapy. I just finished my tenth treatment, and was afraid to stop. My pain has become much more manageable. Some horrid symptoms in my toes finally disappeared. It is a gift to not feel like my toes are being yanked out of their sockets, or twisted. It is a gift that all throbbing has stopped. I still have stiffness in the balls of my feet, which did not respond to treatment. I still have positional burning sometimes. It seems when I just sit, with my feet on the ground, I have occasional burning. But all in all, my feet are much improved. I feel that although imperfect, I can live this way. I feel that my life has been given back to me. I pray that the Calmare/Scrambler improvements last. I finished my last treatment yesterday. It has made a significant difference. I pray it continues. I am lucky to have a Scrambler Clinic close to my house. It is the only one in Illinois, where I live. Called Spero Clinic, and it works!!!!

6 days ago · Does anyone find that a brand of shoes helps your foot neuropathy? in Neuropathy

Hi Mitch, A few things to tell you about with this nasty foot neuropathy. This is kind of an update on things I have learned over time. First, I do not think the PEA helps. At least not me. I took it diligently for two months, and the pain really did not get better. As far as foot exercises, I am really not sure if they help or not. Probably not. Perhaps a little. I basically went up on my heels and down again, about fifteen times, three times a day. I also went up on my toes and back to my heels, about ten times, three times a day. The thing that has helped most, and I am currently finishing doing it is Calmare/Scrambler Therapy. I am going to post to everyone about it, because it is the only thing of significance that has helped my pain. Look it up on You tube, and Google it, as there is plenty of info out there about it, and I will be posting on the neuropathy group in the next few days. Also, I have a CBD salve for the feet that I swear by, and CBD drops that are very good. Let me know if you want more info about them. Good luck. I have/had severe neuropathy. Excruciating. Now it is better since the Scrambler therapy. Lori

Sat, Jun 15 12:24am · wife has balance problem in Brain & Nervous System

I am very glad about the Physical Therapy! It will help, for sure. I have never been to Mayo, so I cannot give advice on that one. Keep me posted, and good luck! Lori Renee

Fri, Jun 14 3:44pm · wife has balance problem in Brain & Nervous System

There are many specific exercises for balance problems. Has she ever gone to PT and have them help with balance? Lori Renee

Tue, Jun 11 7:44pm · CRPS in Chronic Pain

I do not have CRPS, but I do have severe neuropathy in the balls of both feet, and all my toes. I have never found any food to hurt or help. The only thing I could say, is that people with Diabetic neuropathy have to watch what they eat. I have never been aware of anything else. Some people say not to drink alcohol with neuropathy. I have wine occasionally, and it hasn't changed anything. Hope this helps. Lori Renee

Thu, Jun 6 9:03pm · Nerve pain and difficulty swallowing: I could really use some help in Neuropathy

Hi J.C., It is amazing how much I can feel for a stranger. I feel so overwhelmed when I read your post, as I am helpless to really know what your problems are. One thing immediately does come to mind. I want to say that the lip smacking is tardive dyskenisia. The lip smacking is something you do when you have it. Basically, tardive dyskenisia is generally a reaction to certain meds. Tell your pharmacist this symptom, and what meds you are on, and he may be able to figure out what med is doing this to you. One thing I thought of is to boost your immunity taking powdered bone broth every day, It is really good for general immunity and healing stomach problems. You take the powder with vitamin c, so you can mix it with orange juice. Also, I was thinking you should drink kefir, a natural probiotic that is good for your digestive system. I am saying these things thinking that maybe boosting your health would be good. I also wonder if you should go to an infectious disease specialist. Thinking you may have an underlying infection. Wish I could be more helpful, but frankly, I don't know more….Keep me posted. Sorry you are so sick. Lori Renee