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Sat, Jun 13 4:59pm · Bone on bone thumbs in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I have a right thumb problem. I suppose its from hitting the space bar for years. What kind of injection were you getting?

Tue, Mar 31 9:53am · Prolia treatment for osteoporosis in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Wonderful news. Was that after 2 injections for the 1 year ? What else were you doing along with the Prolia….type of supplements. Please advise what your endocrinologist directed you to do. I'm about to get my 3rd prolia in April 2020.

Sun, Mar 1 6:03pm · Prolia treatment for osteoporosis in Bones, Joints & Muscles

where is your dr's clinic located? Must be a huge one to have so many patients.
I have to depend on a dr who treats many diseases so not focused on osteoporosis. Here in western North Dakota, we have very few specialists available for care & must travel many hours to Bismarck or Fargo & have to wait months for appts.

Fri, Jan 31 5:59pm · Don’t know what to do to help my daughter in Digestive Health

Certainly worth a try ! I'll read up on gluten free. THX !

Fri, Jan 31 1:12pm · Don’t know what to do to help my daughter in Digestive Health

How are abnormal liver enzymes detected ? I've was diagnosed with microscopic lymphotic colitis after a colonoscopy 2 yrs ago. When diarrhea gets really bad, my gastro doc puts me on 8 wks of Budesonide gelcaps. It cuts the D but doesnt cut the Gas. I've learned to eat small meals of very bland foods, no dairy, no sugar. I even cut out veggies because that sends me right to the bathroom. I have extreme gas that goes on for hours whenever I eat anything. My gastro dr just shrugs & tells me again to cut out dairy when he knows I don't do dairy. So I buy off the shelf Beano Ultra 800 tablets …2 at a time before I eat & also take GasX extra strength chewables. Gas subsides for a short time but returns within 1/2 hr in force. I'm so miserable with this problem so become home bound as the gas is embarrassing. I have to eat so not to lose weight as I'm only 118 lbs. I wondered if trying a carnivore diet for a short time of just beef steak meat would help to cut the gas ? I know that sounds ridiculous to do but Dr Oz had a gal on his program this week that helped her autoimmune system. Anyone who has experienced a constant gas problem would understand what I'm going through. So thats why I asked how abnormal liver enzymes are detected in case that could be the problem. My gastro dr hasn't suggested anything I can do to cut the GAS besides cutting dairy which I don't eat or drink !

Tue, Jan 28 8:19pm · Prolia treatment for osteoporosis in Bones, Joints & Muscles

After stopping Prolia, what are you doing now for your bone density & is it helping stabilize your T-score ?

Tue, Jan 28 4:30pm · Prolia treatment for osteoporosis in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Groin pain after taking my 1st injection of Prolia a year ago lasted for many months. What is it that causes the groin area to ache so badly & not other parts of the body? Sure would like to know the answer to that !

Tue, Jan 21 1:59pm · Prolia treatment for osteoporosis in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I've taken 2 Prolia injections over the past year & now have a Rheumatologist. In N Dakota they are few & far between to find an Endocrinologist so my PCP sent me to Minot 3 hrs away to the Rheu. This Rheumatologist is adamant about me going on Reclast eventually but after reading what others have gone thru having that infusion, I'm pretty sure I won't take him up on that. He is from India in case that has any bearing on his choice between Prolia & Reclast…..he talks about the cost of Prolia being out of sight & says its only once a year for Reclast. I dont care about the cost as my 2 insurances take care of it….last Prolia injection 4 mos ago was $6,202… pd. How crazy is that for HIGH cost of a med. I'm 118 lbs & do worry about bone loss. Haven't had a 2nd Dexa Scan since my 1st Prolia one yr ago. Need to do that to see if Prolia is helping bone density. So will do that prior to April when I need to choose P or Reclast.