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Sep 8, 2019 · Kidney Trouble Questions in Kidney & Bladder

I have never had a formal biopsy with detailed test result to determine what type of kidney condition I have and what level, etc, but I did have a CT scan of the area with contrast completed nearly 20 years ago and the radiologist noted heterogenous areas of the kidney that renal infarcts could not be ruled out. There was also a small cyst on the lower lobe of the right kidney. Does anyone have any ideas on what test(s) to have done now? Should the test(s) be conducted by a medical team that has been scanned for artificial intelligence around the head area and those items removed as needed? Do they recommend that the patient also be scanned in the head region and anything foreign be removed as needed also? Any suggestions on places to go for this?

Sep 8, 2019 · ENT - Small Plastic Articles in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

Does anyone know of a place to go and have small plastic articles or artificial implants removed from the ear, nose, and throat areas in order to work toward eliminating auditory and visual disturbances? If a patient were to have synthetic artifacts in the ear, nose and throat regions, around the scalp and head, neurological device(s), and synthetic brain waves, in what order would you suggest that these artificial annoyances be removed?