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Sat, Mar 28 10:59am · Smart watch to monitor heart in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I was put on a lifewatch mct monitor two days ago and supposed to wear for 21 days as they just want to check me now. Anyone have experience with any monitors similar to this? How were the results for you good or bad? Thanks

Tue, Jan 7 12:20pm · Stool in Digestive Health

I have an appointment with a specialist at the end of the month. I am at work now and had a sharp stabbing pain in one spot in my upper stomach for a few seconds. Possibly an ulcer but I’ve never had anything like this so I don’t know

Tue, Jan 7 5:33am · Stool in Digestive Health

Just update. Back to normal this morning with exception of consistency which is normal for me. No black. GERd is no fun 🙁

Mon, Jan 6 8:02pm · Stool in Digestive Health

I just noticed it today. Haven’t took any other medicine besides my normal stuff. I have started drinking hibiscus tea but unsure if they caused any issues. It didn’t tar like. Just darker than normal

Mon, Jan 6 6:33pm · Stool in Digestive Health

My apologies if this is not appropriate to discuss but I noticed the last two days I have had black stools. I suffer from gerd and constant belching? Should I be worried about internal bleeding or no?

Dec 13, 2019 · Digestion affecting heart rhythm in Digestive Health

Chest pains to left of sternum. All results negative for heart issues as of a year ago. Can feel swelling below sternum after eating. Reflux. Is it possible this acid or something could cause chest pains ?