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May 21, 2019 · Hiatal Hernia & Surgery in Digestive Health

Hi everyone, I suffer from a sliding hiatal hernia and the symptoms are horrible. Burping, chest pain, heartburn are among the most irritating. After being put on every antacid known to man, watching what I ate, sleeping upright for a year with no relief I took matters into my own hands because I wasn't getting anywhere with my doctor. I know what set off my episode, mega red fish oil, most people dont but here are a few things I do that help and I hope it can help you if you suffer like I did. When I get up in the morning I drink a half a bottle of water then Hop down the stairs just to keep my stomach where it belongs, I write down everything I eat that gives me heartburn and I try to avoid them but sometimes you just need a taco, if I know I'm going to eat something that may cause an episode I take a OTC Tagamet about an hour before I eat, eat slowly and drink water with it, do not lay down for 3 hours after you eat and here is the one that will shock you…..do not sleep with your head elevated, sleep flat on your back, no pillow under your head, with 2-3 pillows under your legs kind of like your in a seated position……Instant relief from night time heartburn due to your hernia. If it happens during the day I lay on the floor and put my legs up on the couch. It took years for me to get a grip on this and I hope my tips help anyone suffering from this.