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Mar 6, 2019 · High frequency hearing test: What hearing aids are best? in Hearing Loss

My Sam's Club audiologist has 90day 100% free trial all money back if do not want aids.

Mar 6, 2019 · Loss of hearing clarity: Solutions or strategies anyone? in Hearing Loss

Clarity solutions for me has been a problem of communicating effectively with the audiologist as to what I am not understanding. The hearing test allows them to set the decibels according to the frequencies their test tells them needs enhancement (increased decibels). HOWEVER it has been my experience that those tests do not always indicate what you are hearing in real life (as opposed to the tones in the hearing booth) Adjusting their settings according to what you tell them is educated guessing on their part. I have required multiple "fitting"(as in a dozen more or less) for them to adjust the decibels of different frequencies to a point where it works for me. Using hearing aids that have multiple programs helps a lot. I have them leave the original program. Add an adjusted program. Compare the 2 then return to let them know what I experience. Again add a 3rd program leaving the first 2 and again comparing. Repeat until all programs are used. Checking each program in different environments. Car. TV. Restaurants. One on one conversations. Meetings. Deciding which work best (finding some work better than others in different environments.) Then eliminate any that are not that good. If need be, replace those with any additional adjustments.

Recently, I found sites on line for student audiologists to practice on. They have tones at the different test frequencies used by audiologists.
Wearing my hearing aids, I set the computer volume at what seems to be a normal and comfortable level for the 2000 frequency (test middle value) then I compare either side (1000 and 3000) to the volume level of the 2000 and record whether it seems louder of softer of about the same. Then compare the 1000 to the 500 and record the same result louder or softer and then the 500 compare to the 250.

Then I go in the other direction comparing and recording the result 3000 to 4000 to 6000 to 8000.
Now the hard part. I have the audiologist create a program that balances the volumes according to adjusting up or down volumes based on the adjustment variation from what ever THEIR original 1500 setting is. I can then compare that program to others.
I find applying this to the original, while also being prepared to give a verbal account of what I am hearing to the audiologist, for them to create a modified original the way they usually do, (leaving the original as is) that gives me 3 programs to compare.

I find my method gives a pretty good balanced volume where one frequency of sound does not drown out other frequencies. Also any frequency that is not effectively being heard by MY ears will be increased which I find makes all the difference in the world for clarity. Many audiologists use a technology that they charge an arm and a leg for (usually built into the higher pricing of their hearing aids) called real-ear measurement, which tells them what sound is actually getting to your ear to see if it corresponds to your audiogram… different things can cause a variance. My method allows me, I believe, to be able to tell more precisely what I am ACTUALLY hearing… and be able to effectively communicate that to the audiologist. I find some reluctance from audiologists to do as I request, possible they think I am telling them how to do their job and might be offended BUT I tell them I am just attempting to give them all the information I can so they can give me the best possible hearing experience from my hearing aids.

I realize this is probably too much information but use it or not as you desire.
Hearing aid users note that you can have your audiologist do a new test on you and adjust your aids if your hearing has changed. (and then get adjustments to the new settings as needed) When you are looking for a new hearing aid, find out how many years you can get adjustments from them at what charge? Some are free for 3 years. Some may limit to 3 free adjustments then $25 or much more per adjustment.

Feb 17, 2019 · Living with Parkinson's Disease - Meet others & come say hi in Parkinson's Disease

@lisalucier Have not had further discussions with primary care who diagnosed 3 weeks ago, nor set up appointment with neurologist. Have been researching as much as possible to understand as much as possible. So far hand tremors are the only apparently involvement. Right hand first noticed about 4 years ago, as I recall (maybe more). Left hand noticed about 1-2 months ago. Am getting ready to follow up with a doctor. Possibly at Mayo Clinic.

I live in WV. Unfortunately in WV my experience with doctors is, some are good to excellent others not so. My wife had a questionable experience with one neurologist here and I have with another, especially regarding what they think they hear and understand about what you are telling them, as well as a cursory explanation of their solution and why. I have developed a somewhat cynical philosophy of "there is a reason they are practicing in WV as opposed to Manhattan or Beverly Hills." Because of this I like to research extensively to be able to ask intelligent questions and understand when I am getting intelligent answers (or not). I agree with what someone said (on this site I believe) that it's a great idea to be your own best patient advocate.

I understand that the disease progresses differently for different people. I am thankful for the experiences being related by patients and their spouse/care givers as to their experiences with timeline progression they experienced. Gives me a frame of reference to start from and what to look for and ways to deal with it. Thus being able to research those aspects far in advance as opposed to a more panicked rush if something is sprung upon me. DBS, for instance.

Still looking for more info as to what I might possibly expect going forward. My limited understanding at this point is tremors, freezing, memory problems, depression, effects on care givers… all of which I will be looking to expand my knowledge base on both what they are, how they progress, and available solutions/assistance available… as well as additional aspects of parkinson.

Feb 16, 2019 · Sexual desire and Parkinson's medication Requip in Parkinson's Disease

I thought I read somewhere that Parkinson disease might cause increased sexual desire. Is that true or is it only as it relates to some meds?

Feb 16, 2019 · Living with Parkinson's Disease - Meet others & come say hi in Parkinson's Disease

I had attempted to reply to you but it appears to have been posted somewhere else. I'll get the hang of this before too long LOL. (This one too?) Oh well.

Feb 16, 2019 · Living with Parkinson's Disease - Meet others & come say hi in Parkinson's Disease

I told my wife. I spoke with my minister prior to doing so. He reassured me that because my attitude was good due to my faith and trust in the Lord, that it would be a stabilizing and calming effect on those close to me as I gave them the information (she does not share my faith, yet, and I do not push her). That seems to have been the case. She was at first anxious but quickly became at ease as I explained the disease and my trust in God for His plan (which He did reveal to me the day after the diagnosis as I asked Him to do).

For anyone this might help, His Word was revealed to me through my daily reader: Proverbs 24 verses 10-12 and the interpretation of those verses as follows: "Trusting in God rather than our own schemes during times of adversity and relying on God when we are hurting often speaks the loudest to those who do not know Jesus. Our greatest platform to influence people for Christ is when we live with the hope of spiritual wisdom. Doing so may very well be the means God uses us to deliver those who are marching toward eternal death. Because we cannot claim ignorance and forfeit our mission to reach the lost, we dare not waste our adversity."

God speaks to us. We only need to ask and to listen. He will present us with His direction for us to follow. It is our free will to choose or not. Attempting to choose what is in front of you in a manner that is consistent with His Word will result in Him guiding your footsteps as you follow the path He presents. When you trust in the Lord, you will see the path He places in front of you to follow. You will "hear" Him speak to you in many ways if you just "listen." I have confident expectations (hope) that this will help someone in their journey with this disease. Praise the Lord.

Feb 16, 2019 · Living with Parkinson's Disease - Meet others & come say hi in Parkinson's Disease

Haven't talked to a neurologist yet. Had physical therapy for shoulder pain which also addresses posture and am continuing with it at home. I am beginning to develop an at home regimen of exercises that I hope to perform a couple of hours at least 3 times per week and daily if I can discipline my self with an effective schedule. Currently I am working part time performing repair tasks that require moderate degree of different body positions, bending, stretching, and hand dexterity. Noticing an increase in left hand tremors that had been only in right hand. No meds used. This job will become one involving some building rehab and construction functions. Boss and I both have some restrictions but there are younger stronger workers also. Hope to do this as long as I can be productive. I have read parkinson progresses at different rates in different people, making expectations and planning difficult going forward so one day at a time.