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Jan 29, 2019 · Frontotemporal Dementia in Brain & Nervous System

My 65 year old US Veteran husband was diagnosed with frontotemporal Dementia about five years ago. He has been prescribed Galantamine. For many years as a family my children and I didn't know what was going on with high temperament and anger. He suffered a concussion while in the Army in 1974 and he suffered amnesia whereas he has no memory of breaking his hand in the accident. We found that out by requesting his VA medical records last year. He has started to act out by dealing some pretty bad people. They have introduced him to drugs and alcohol which he has not partaken in for many many years. He is totally out of control but he does see a psychiatrist at his VA Clinic but lies to her. Are these symptoms of FRONTOTEMPORAL DEMENTIA? I am so afraid for him and myself as we live alone. I am his caretaker as he has several illnesses. How do I handle this? I do not want to leave my husband but I don't want to upset him either. Please help!