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Fri, Mar 29 1:55pm · news and implants in Breast Cancer

Hi, did you have them removed?

Tue, Mar 12 8:59am · Exercise during chemo in Blood Cancers & Disorders

Good morning, what do you mean by expand/assist? Thank you.

Wed, Mar 6 8:23am · Smelling cancer! in Breast Cancer

Similar situation. Last year, my left armpit had a bad smell. I washed very well but still when I got out of the shower, I still had the lingering smell. Well, in March 2018, I was dx w/left breast cancer. After chemo and mastectomy, I no longer have the smell in left armpit.

Sun, Mar 3 1:16pm · Invasive ductal carcinoma (IDC): Anyone else? in Breast Cancer

Have a good relaxing Sunday. Rest is important too. Just to let you know, I just started Xeloda to prevent recurrence. Well, lately I haven’t been drinking as much water as I should. I snuck in some red meat and I don’t digest it well. Felt constipated. So, I had some rectal bleeding this morning when I went. I must continue with greens and drinking fluids.

Sun, Feb 10 12:45pm · Help finding a positive attitude in Breast Cancer


Thu, Feb 7 10:57am · Help finding a positive attitude in Breast Cancer

Hi Emmae again, I just reached out to someone I worked with 8 years ago. She is a BC survivor of 8 years! Hers was an aggressive type too, HER2 neu. I’m glad I reached out to her and she is doing very well. What I would like to tell you is that she said that a positive attitude is very important. If you’re feeling down, it affects the immune system. I know it’s easier said than done, but we must be positive. Have a nice day.

Thu, Feb 7 10:10am · Help finding a positive attitude in Breast Cancer

That is very well said. Thank you. I want your message to give me encouragement as well as others here. 😊💓

Thu, Feb 7 10:07am · Help finding a positive attitude in Breast Cancer

God bless you. In my thoughts.