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1 day ago · Anastrozole and high ALP and calcium on blood tests in Breast Cancer

It seems that since starting anastrozole in May 2018 my bloodwork has indicated the alkaline phosphate ALP and calcium readings are higher than normal. I checked the information for anastrozole and found that this is one of the things that can happen while taking this drug. I understand that anything that goes through the liver can affect the liver enzymes. In addition, while checking this out, I found that anastrozole draws calcium from the bones and that could cause the elevated calcium reading. Neither the GP or oncologist seem to be concerned with this. Do others check your blood test reports and have you found elevations in the ALP and calcium levels…or increases in what is normal for you?

2 days ago · Constant cough (4 months) in Breast Cancer

I had a cough as well. It started in December 2018 and continued until January 2020. I mentioned it to my GP and I mentioned it to my oncologist and they didn’t seem concerned. I looked it up and I am taking anastrozole and I found that yes that could affect it and I also take ramipril. I have been taking ramipril for a long time but have only been on anastrozole since May 2018. It bothered me because of course I thought I might have a long cancer. What I would find is that when I laid in bed at night I had a lot of postnasal drip and I coughed a lot in the night while I was lying down. I also coughed during the day. It was a dry cough and sometimes I will cough for quite a while. I was living on cough drops. Then I had the idea to use a netti pot and I got one and I got the solution to go in it and I used it a few times and I have not had a problem since. The cough was extremely annoying because it seemed to happen at inconvenient times…like when I was in church. I have no idea what it was about but it seems to be gone and the fix was very inexpensive and quite easy to do. Also the post nasal drip has gone away as well. Perhaps I had some kind of infection. I do not know but all is well now.

Thu, Mar 19 10:57am · Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC) in Transplants

Has anyone with PSC had a positive or negative experience with any particular diet? What experience has anyone has withKeto or high fat, low carb diet?

Thu, Mar 19 10:56am · Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC) in Transplants

When I look up stuff for PSC, I often get info for PBC. Why? What are the best foods for PSC. I know there are several diets out there and I know some people are hung up on fats and carbs, pro and con, but disregarding people’s ingrained beliefs, what would be the most healing foods for this condition?

Tue, Mar 17 4:14pm · Bilateral mastectomy and DIEP flap reconstruction experiences in Breast Cancer

I will be having these surgeries in the near future (hopefully the corona virus will not delay it) and wonder how long ladies had their drains in and if there was anything…diet, exercise, ?….that would positively affect the timeline of that and healing.

Sat, Mar 7 9:34am · Mastectomy and breast reconstruction pros and cons? in Breast Cancer

Partial mastectomy is lumpectomy. I think you should wait until you get your genetic test results before making any decisions. I had cancer in both breasts at different times and had lumpectomies for both then found out after genetic testing after the second cancer I had the CHEK2 mutation. If I had known that after the first occurrence, I would have opted for bilateral mastectomy the second time. Yes, you can get breast cancer after mastectomy, but your chances are much reduced…90-95% that it will not happen. There is way too much to think about and wonder about. If researching on the computer, stick with good sights like Mayo and Cleveland Clinic and Johns Hopkins etc. You can really get messed up going to unofficial sights.

Sun, Mar 1 5:45pm · Bilateral mastectomy and DIEP flap reconstruction experiences in Breast Cancer

Surgery is scheduled for April 17. It was a little difficult getting the three Drs together….surgeon and two plastic surgeons. I am trying to get as much exercise as I can before then. Also, I am pretty scared, but have decided to ask the plastic surgeons if I can get the nipple tattoos and some fancy artwork too. It kinda gives me something to look forward to. The surgeon was a wealth of information unlike the first one I went to…in the same practice. I am meeting with the plastic surgeon on March 17, so am trying to get a list of questions together. Also, the surgeon wants an MRI which I will get this Thursday. While all this is going on, my daughter is pretty sick with crohn’s and PSC. I think that is helping to take my mind off my own stuff somewhat.

Sun, Mar 1 5:19am · Breast Cancer alternative treatments in Breast Cancer

I have had breast cancer twice. Both times I had lumpectomies. I assume there is a protocol for every type of cancer that you get and that is what Doctors go by. I did go with surgery, radiation and tamoxifen/Anaztrozole for treatment. My feeling is that surgery is the way to go. I know there are probably cases of miraculous cures, but I chose to be proactive. I do believe that God has given us ways to heal ourselves, but he has also given us the knowledge to treat disease through medical specialists, medicines and procedures. The doctors do recommend radiation. After having it I really wonder if it is that good for the patient. I do believe that the oral medications Including chemo are good alternatives. I did not have chemo myself, so cannot really say anything about that. I took tamoxifen the first time and I am taking anastrozole now and feel that this is definitely a good thing to do for hormone receptor positive cancers (both of mine were). My cousin has had breast cancer twice and chose mastectomy each time with no after treatment. So far she is having a good experience. I think every person is different and what works for one might not be the best for another. I do think that surgery it’s needed to try to stop the progression of the disease. All sorts of things play into getting cancer including diet, but I do not think that diet alone is a possible cure.