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1 day ago · Genetic testing...does anyone have the CHEK2 gene mutation in Breast Cancer

I have had bilateral breast cancer. According to my genetic test, I do not have the BRAC1 or BRAC2 mutation…I have the very rare CHEK 2 mutation. Has anyone had this mutation? If so, what was your plan of action?

Wed, Sep 4 12:19pm · Fecal Matter/Microbiota Transplant FMT in Digestive Health

Sure. My daughter has Crohn’s disease. I do not know much about it, but a Dr I was talking with the other day, who also knows my daughter and who also used to be a chemist, told me to look into it. He believes it would be a good avenue to explore/ pursue. I would like to hear from someone that has had this done or knows about it. Thanks for the response.

Wed, Sep 4 12:19pm · Fecal Matter/Microbiota Transplant FMT in Digestive Health

Has anyone had this…I would like to hear about it. I want information.

Fri, Aug 16 1:41pm · Ca 27.29 consistently the 40’s in Breast Cancer

I am very glad you picked up this inquiry. Have you had an appointment with your oncologist? He will probably discuss it with you. It is very interesting that your numbers are so much different than mine. My oncologist says that these marker numbers change all the time. I think a lot depends on your type and stage of cancer. As I said, other than with the surgeries, my CA 15-3 has never been tested. If this is not concerning to your Dr, then it shouldn't be to you. Please continue to respond to this as time goes by.

Fri, Aug 9 9:50am · Ca 27.29 consistently the 40’s in Breast Cancer

This is the second time for BC with me and the only times I have had the CA 15-3 checked were when I had the surgeries (lumpectomy). It has been routine to have the CA 27-29 done for each appointment. The first time I had BC, my Dr just seemed to monitor me. The first oncologist I had this time around told me that the 40s was normal for me from checking my former records. That oncologist and I parted ways, and I went to a woman who was absolutely horrible. I had seen her once and she sent me for a nuclear bone scan because my blood work showed a two of the readings were outside the normal range, and also a full body CT scan because my tumor marker was 49. I insisted on having the test redone and 3 days later it was 41.8, but she still insisted. When I tried to ask her questions at my last appointment concerning the CT scan, she had her info all wrong and when I told her I had brought copies of my reports, she actually would not talk to me and ran out of the room. Oncologist #3 is, so far, amazing. I told him about the tumor marker stuff and he says he does not go by them as they change all the time. Also, if you read the comment that comes with your CA 27-29 that comes with your report it says “The CA27-29 assay is intended for use in monitoring: 1) disease progression and/or response to therapy in patients with metastatic disease, and 2) disease recurrence in patients treated previously for stages II and III breast carcinoma who are clinically free of the disease.” My cancer was stage 1 and so none of this applies and the CA 27–29 should not be used as a tool for diagnosing malignancy. Also, unnecessary tests are done that are expensive and that only frighten the patient. Also, it is my understanding that for the CA 27-29, the initial reading after surgery may be a bit high, but seems to decline after that. I really appreciate your response because it is good to hear of someone that also does not fit the slot doctors have put people in because it is easy and convenient for them. I also have gotten all my test results from the first time around and what I have so far this time so that I can understand and know what the doctor is talking about. You might want to do that. Doctors are not perfect and make mistakes and knowing what test results mean can help you in monitoring your own disease. Again, thank you for your reply.

Mon, Jul 22 7:25am · Anastrozole...has anyone had an increase in glucose or cholesterol in Breast Cancer

Since I started taking anastrozole….June 2018….my glucose and cholesterol readings seem to be increasing…enough for me to be concerned as I do not want to be put on any more medicine…especially for these issues. Has anyone had this problem? I always get copies of my test reports so that I will know what is happening and so that I will not be blindsided at a Dr appointment. Most of the complaints about anastrozole have been about physical discomfort…what about changes in blood tests?

Mon, Jul 1 9:29pm · Ca 27.29 consistently the 40’s in Breast Cancer

My Ca 27.29 seems to be high….in the 40’s….and my oncologist says that that is probably normal for me. He checked the records from my first bc. Does anyone else have an issue like this?

Sun, Jun 30 8:34am · Can’t get lymphedema if you only had sentinel node removed?????? in Breast Cancer

It makes me feel better that you have made the choice of finding the right oncologist for you. My first one was a good doctor I think, but he was unreasonable when he would not get a second reading on my diagnostic mamo….the report was full of errors and I asked for a second reading by a different radiologist and he said NO….WE HAVE GOOD DRs….who don’t know their left from their right and what years the two different cancers happened in and even more. He also yelled at me and told me the reason why I had anxiety was because I wouldn’t pay out of pocket for psychological counseling…WTH? Maybe I had anxiety because it was my second cancer and a radiologist had misdiagnosed it twice even though it clearly showed up on mamo and ultrasound…also I have great insurance so why would I even think of paying out of pocket…I still don’t get it, him throwing this in my face. The second was a woman that did not want to answer my questions and huffed out of the room when I pointed out she was wrong about a test report I had with me. Who needs someone who does not want to relate and who has you in a slot that says if this then that. Running out of the room was very unprofessional…she would not admit she was wrong. I think some of these doctors do not want us to read and understand our reports. Now I am looking for number 3. I sure hope I make a better choice this time.