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Mon, Sep 14 3:11am · Routine care after skin sparing mastectomy/diep reconstruction in Breast Cancer

I have just completed bilateral skin sparing mastectomy with diep reconstruction after having DCIS (2007) in one breast, IDC (2018) in the other breast and discovery or CHEK2 genetic mutation (2019). My breast surgeon is telling me that I will need follow up mamos and MRIs. If you have had this surgery and diep reconstruction, what have you been doing or what does your doctor advise you to do for follow up treatment? I was under the impression that these would not be needed.

Sat, Sep 12 8:01am · High Premenopausal ROMA and HE4 and ovarian problems in Women's Health

Thank you for responding with this information. The HE4 was 89 and the ROMA was 2.3. The CA 125 was 5.6 which is good. I think the issue is that many doctors do not realize how Crohn’s affects the body. From the info I have read it says that these tests are not supposed to be done for diagnostic reasons and I do not understand why the gynecologist suggested them as a first step. She did send my daughter for an ultrasound and the technician told her that she saw nothing alarming. Actually the technician seemed to know about this issue being associated with Crohn’s. I wonder if there are gynecologist that specialize in Crohn’s patients. My daughter also has PSC and takes a bunch of medicine for both diseases. That also makes me wonder if the medicines could have an effect on all this. My daughter is 45 years old and I am curious if menopause could be contributing to the Crohn’s flare as well as these other symptoms. It would be interesting to know if other people are dealing with this and have similar questions or perhaps some answers. I am wondering if I should have put this topic under ovarian cancer rather than women’s health.

Tue, Sep 8 8:25pm · High Premenopausal ROMA and HE4 and ovarian problems in Women's Health

My daughter is falling apart. She had/has a really bad Crohn’s flare going on now. She had surgery last summer for it and everything is just going wrong. The latest is that she had a special CT scan done for her Crohn’s and liver and something showed up in her uterus and in her Fallopian tube. She went to the gynecologist immediately and had the listed tests done. My information is limited. What I would like to know is if anyone with Crohn’s has had a similar experience and/or if you have had high readings on those tests without the Crohn’s and how you made out.

Mon, Sep 7 9:52pm · Bilateral mastectomy and aromatose inhibitors or tamoxifen in Breast Cancer

I had DCIS in 2007 in the right breast with lumpectomy and radiation. I then had IDC in 2018 in left breast with lumpectomy and radiation. No lymph node involvement either time. In September 2019 I found I had the CHEK2 genetic mutation and decided to have a bilateral mastectomy which I just had done in July 2020. I am curious about continuing with Anastrozole. I will see my oncologist soon and will speak to him about this, but am curious about what others’ experiences are. Are you still taking AIs? Since I am 70 and my bone health is very important to me, would switching to tamoxifen be beneficial or even an option? AIs can cause bone problems and I do not want to end up taking biophosphates. Does anyone relate to these concerns?

Thu, Aug 20 6:26pm · Aromatase Inhihibitors: Did you decide to go on them or not? in Breast Cancer

I am glad my plastic surgeon opted for skin sparing instead of nipple sparing surgery. He said radiation does bad things and after the surgery he said that the right breast had a lot of radiation damage…that was the one I had 35 radiation treatments in. I had no trouble with necrosis. I am also using that same ointment, I read up on it and it seems to be for burns…hmmm.

Wed, Aug 19 12:53pm · Mastectomy and breast reconstruction pros and cons? in Breast Cancer

I went to Morristown Medical Center in New Jersey. It’s not the hospital that’s good it’s the doctors. I just love mine!

Tue, Aug 18 8:59pm · Mastectomy and breast reconstruction pros and cons? in Breast Cancer

The incision on my lower abdomen goes from the side of the hip to the side of the hip and goes down along the hairline. It is new so I’m not gonna know for a while how it will look.. I’m pretty sure I can wear bikini underwear and it would not show. I have feeling all along The scar. There is no pain. I have read that some people have numbness and pain and that their abdomen is distorted. I have none of that. If you are considering this, the best thing to do is find an excellent plastic surgeon. I found mine by going to a lecture at a local hospital and he was just a wealth of information and brought pics and described how he did things. I felt very safe with him and everything he has told me has been right on. I do not know where you live but would be glad to share his name with you. There is supposed to be a wonderful place in New Orleans with wonderful doctors. I think the key is the plastic surgeon. I think the radiation could damage your breast skin which may affect whether you could have nipple sparing surgery or skin sparing surgery. If you are thinking of having a mastectomy with the diep flap surgery you might reconsider the radiation. I do not know anything about your case and am not a doctor so take this information Lightly. If only one breast is involved then that changes a lot of stuff. Mine was bilateral.

Tue, Aug 18 12:44pm · Aromatase Inhihibitors: Did you decide to go on them or not? in Breast Cancer

I just had diep reconstruction a month ago. I had cancer in both breasts 11 years apart and had Lumpectomy and radiation for both. Because I found out I had a genetic mutation I decided to have bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction. I wanted nipple sparing mastectomy but my plastic surgeons did not go for that as there was significant damage because of the radiation. They did not want the diep flap to fail because of this. I had skin sparing mastectomies and the diep in one long surgery. I wanted the diep because I did not want to deal with implants which can also have issues. I have found the worst reaction to the surgery was being extremely tired but I think I have worked through that. Being under anesthesia for 10 hours has to take a toll. I have no regrets about doing the diep. My skin on my chest has sensation but my nipples have been removed and the tissue from the diep flap has been moved to my chest…that means you have to have some pudge going on…lol. I will soon get some final tweaking and construction of my nipples and then have tattoos.