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Fri, Jan 10 7:38pm · how Do you maintain medical help when you have nothing? in Digestive Health

Yes I will. She has already applied for disability and was turned down. An attorney is taking care of that. My daughter is in her 40s and has lived in this bad marriage for a long time. She has been through his alcoholism, his drug addiction and his miserable self. She was just about fed up when this Crohn’s attack happened. People do not understand that people in her position cannot just walk away. It took me 4 years to decide to divorce her father who was no where as bad as this guy…he only decided to start dating after several years of marriage. Talk about scared…that was me. I made it on my own, but I also had a good job with benefits and I got to stay in the family home. She has none of that. They have nothing because he has no conception of reality and now everything is geared for the drug addict…not for the mess he creates and leaves behind him. BTW, her doctors do not take Medicaid. She is really scared. I told her to find out about Cobra and that her father and I can split that. That is if that selfish man will come through. I am hopeful that she can get through this. Perhaps being away from the jerk will be good physically for her and that she will improve. The stress in that home is huge. He is a narcissist truly. I am praying for a silver lining. I will call my state legislators to see if there are any programs for the people left in the addicts dust. The addicts are treated with kid gloves and there is nothing that is not done for them. What’s wrong with this picture????

Fri, Jan 10 4:17pm · how Do you maintain medical help when you have nothing? in Digestive Health

Yes we know that. She is concerned that she will not be able to get a job. She has Dr appointments all the time and she constantly has to run to the bathroom. No employer wants to deal with that.

Fri, Jan 10 3:05pm · how Do you maintain medical help when you have nothing? in Digestive Health

My adult daughter is married to a real loser. He has addiction issues but she has stayed with him because he has terrific health insurance. Her life has been difficult to say the least, but she has been so sick that she could not afford to leave him. Today he came home from work and told her that he got fired. It was not a surprise to us. She has only a part time job because for the last year and a half she has had a severe Crohn’s flare. This past summer she had surgery to remove part of her intestine. We thought that would be the answer, but the flare is still active, so she has held onto the little job she has because it is something…but certainly not enough to support herself on. He doesn’t have a care in the world. It didn’t faze him that they will now have no money coming and no health benefits. This was the last straw for her. She is leaving him, but that does not help us figure out where to go from here. Have any of you out there been this down and out and been able to get treatment? I am hopeful that maybe now the Crohn’s flare will subside now that she will be away from the abusive husband.

Fri, Jan 10 9:21am · Breast cancer: Normal? It's taking so long to start treatment in Breast Cancer

I understand your concern. The first time I had BC, there seemed to be much more urgency in getting quick treatment.. that was 13 years ago. The second time, 2 years ago was very concerning to me. First there was the radiologist that read two MRIs and diagnosed the anomaly in my breast as benign. I insisted on a biopsy and found that I had invasive ductal carcinoma. That was the middle of April 2018. I had surgery 10 days later. Then I had to wait a month to meet with the oncologist, then met with the radiation oncologist another month later and did not start radiation until the first of July. Believe me, I was and am still concerned with the delay in treatment. Sometimes I wonder whether treatment is based on the patient’s needs or the doctors’ work schedule. I have become very concerned/disgusted with the whole thing. The first two oncologists I went to were awful and I moved on. Believe me, they are not all good at their jobs. Finally I found someone who is really up to date…he is actually the chief oncologist for a major health system in PA. He is excited about the genetics of cancer. He is kind and caring, takes his time and has answered all my questions. I feel very secure with him. Back to your issue…I think that maybe the timeline for treatment has lengthened because of number of people being diagnosed with cancer. All I can say is to get the needed treatment ASAP and if you then question things and are not happy, then move on to a new Dr. after my first experience I knew what to expect. I felt the second time around, I was just treated with the approved protocol and just became a number until I met this Dr that I have now. Neither of the first two oncologists I went to would answer my questions. If you have questions, ask them. You are entitled to answers. It is a very scary thing to go through and I also was concerned about the treatment time. Good luck.

Wed, Jan 8 8:01pm · The math of invasive breast cancer risk for LCIS in Breast Cancer

Mucusious carcinoma…you are the second person that I know that seems to be aware of that. None of the doctors I have talked to…I am on my 3rd oncologist this time around….had a clue what I was talking about. The other person that is aware of it is my brother. He had it in 2018…it was in a tear duct or something by his eye. I had BC for the second time when he was going through this and he told his doctor and the Dr told him to tell me because there is a connection with BC that I should have genetic testing. I did get the testing and have the CHEK2 mutation which involved with BC. Anyway, since no one else has said anything about it, could you share some of your information about? I did not have mutinous carcinoma…IDC though. My brother has to go yearly for a mammogram.

Dec 24, 2019 · Crohn’s flare in Digestive Health

My daughter started with a Crohn’s flare in the fall of 2018. She had surgery and had part of it her intestine removed in August 2019. Since the surgery which was successful, she has had different things go wrong throughout her body. The latest is that her ankles are swollen and hurt. Her gastroenterologist sent her to a rheumatologist and he said all of these things are caused by the Crohn’s. In a way that was a relief to my daughter because now she knows it is the one problem showing up in different ways rather than having a whole bunch of problems that are not connected. She is an adult and so goes to the doctors and stuff on her own naturally. She was pleased with this doctor she went to today. He suggested taking her off the enytvio and putting her on humira. He says this is still part of the Crohn’s flare. Is this normal? Has anyone had this type of experience and finally gotten the Crohn’s under control? Her intestines aren’t bothering her but the autoimmune part of the Crohn’s is affecting other parts of her body. I would appreciate any viewpoints or suggestions.

Dec 24, 2019 · I've had 3 cancers: Thyroid cancer, Lung Cancer and Breast Cancer in Cancer

This is interesting about having three cancers and other people having the same. I have had bilateral breast cancer… 11 years apart…I had DCIS the first time and IDC the second time. Both are ductal cancer. Is it common to get ductal cancer in both breasts? Is it common to get lobular cancer in both breasts? Which of these particular things occur most often? I have friends that I’ve had ductal cancer and then years later had it again in the other breast. Is this common? I can’t seem to find any statistics on it on the computer. I was just at a surgeons who said that lobular cancer is more prevalent and is more dangerous. I wish everyone was on the same page. Maybe the difference is that she is a surgeon and not an oncologist? I just think these people should not be spouting off information that might not necessarily be accurate.

Dec 13, 2019 · Fecal Microbiota Transplant (FMT) in Digestive Health

Are fecal transplants done for Crohn’s? If so, when are they done…during a time of no adverse activity? Before Crohn’s surgery? After Crohn’s surgery? When in the treatment would it be suitable to do? Does it even work for Crohn’s? Has anyone had it done in the NY/NJ area? Are there statistics on it being successful treatment for Crohn’s?