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4 hours ago · Mastectomy and breast reconstruction pros and cons? in Breast Cancer

I have had bilateral breast cancer and just found out I have the CHEK2 gene mutation and know in my mind that the best way I can go now is prophylactic mastectomy with reconstruction. I am struggling with this. I would like to hear from others about their experiences…what they went through making this decision and then if they were pleased with their decision and how they feel now about it. I would also like to know if they chose not to take this course and how they feel about that decision now.

6 hours ago · Does everyone being treated for Crohn’s take a ton of medicine? in Digestive Health

My adult daughter who has Crohn’s and PSC is taking about 10 prescription medicines. The PSC seems to be in its early stages and right now her concerns are about the Crohn’s. She was in remission for about 20 years and then last year she had a very bad flare that resulted in surgery. The surgery helped with the Crohn’s symptoms, but her bloodwork is all over the place with too many levels being either high or low. I want her to seek a second opinion but she is resisting that. Is it normal for a Crohn’s patient to be taking this much medicine?

1 day ago · CA 27.29 reading after bilateral mastectomy in Breast Cancer

Does the CA 27.29 drop after bilateral mastectomy or does it stay within the normal range? Can it ever be zero? Kennett ever be above the normal range?

1 day ago · Genetic testing...does anyone have the CHEK2 gene mutation in Breast Cancer

I am curious. You say you did nothing. Has anything happened since then? Why would you have changed your diet?

5 days ago · Has anyone had Medicare pay for prophylactic mastectomy in Breast Cancer

I have had bilateral breast cancer and I have the CHEK2 mutation. I have had lumpectomies in both breasts and just found out about the mutation. According to the stuff I can find on the computer, Medicare will not pay for a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy. I do not currently have BC, but after finding out about the mutation, I just do not want to deal with it again. Has anyone had this experience?

Sat, Oct 26 10:17am · Fecal transplants and Crohn's disease in Digestive Health

Has anyone with Crohn's had a fecal transplant with positive results? Any information would be appreciated.

Thu, Oct 24 11:02am · Genetic tests available for breast cancer detection in Breast Cancer

BTW my genetic test showed I have the CHEK2 mutation which is rare.

Thu, Oct 24 11:01am · Genetic tests available for breast cancer detection in Breast Cancer

I just had the genetic testing done and they did the saliva test on me. They said both tests are very accurate. One was no better than the other. I told them that I would rather have that as I have had bilateral breast cancer with sentinel node removal and was being cautious about blood draws.