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Sat, Feb 9 6:24pm · Radiation therapy side effects after bc in Breast Cancer

@marannolson, I'm sorry you weren't able to do it! It was a wonderful experience. The healing process is a bit longer. I was nervous about the side effects of the normal Radiation therapy. I'm Asthmatic and Diabetic. When this came to my attention, I was quite relieved. The only discomfort was when the tube was switched for Radiation treatment and when it was removed. Changing the dressing was a bit uncomfortable, also! My Medical Team is AWESOME! They prepared me completely. The compassion and care has been excellent! I Love Mayo Clinic!

Thu, Feb 7 9:46am · Help finding a positive attitude in Breast Cancer

@trixie1313 My Faith has helped to sustain me since my diagnosis. I am so Thankful to have a Pastor who also supports Mental Health Counseling. I have been in counseling through Mayo. I just had a wonderful Mindfulness Consultation this morning. The Breast Clinic at Mayo scheduled i.

Wed, Feb 6 11:45am · Radiation therapy side effects after bc in Breast Cancer

My Radiation Oncologist stated the nausea my have been pain related and to be sure to take my pain and nausea meds, prescribed after surgery, as directed.

Wed, Feb 6 11:42am · Radiation therapy side effects after bc in Breast Cancer

Hi. I experienced nausea once during my treatment. My Radiation treatment was different. I had Brachytherapy or Mammosite Radiation treatment. My Radiation was directly to the area of the lumpectomy via catheter and balloon.