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Fri, Oct 4 7:07pm · Arachnoiditis in Spine Health

It’s states cannabis infused marionberry gummies indica. 10mg thx per gummy and I cut them in half or even 4.
Seems to relax the muscles but I don’t go out or never drive.

Fri, Oct 4 6:47pm · Arachnoiditis in Spine Health

Thank you Amy. So good to have this group. Unfortunately we understand each other. ❤️

Fri, Oct 4 12:13pm · Arachnoiditis in Spine Health

I have given up. The pain is too much and dealing with people takes energy. My two cats ask none thing of me. I actually even share them too with my sons because everything takes energy and sleeping is number one on my list.
I realize when people look at me they can’t see it but I don’t care well I think that bothers me some but refuse to complain anymore. I do what I can if I can. I guess it is what it is. Not happy but…I do read everything looking hoping for something new. 😨

Sat, Sep 28 2:07pm · Arachnoiditis in Spine Health

Just tried a half a gummy at night so far helping with relaxing my neck. I can’t and don’t know how to smoke so gummies it is.

Mon, Sep 9 12:33pm · Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group in Neuropathy

Exact results for me with what you said about. You are doing the right thing. Hope you find the right combination soon that gives you a bit relief.

Mon, Sep 2 12:27pm · Arachnoiditis in Spine Health

So with you! Sometimes you just have to stop. My failed neck surgery caused my greatest disaster. I’m now just trying to keep as comfortable as I can. My doctor is truthful with me said she will order any type of test I want but the outcome will not change. 😨

Tue, Jul 30 10:27am · Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group in Neuropathy

I’m there with you! Very very hard. One time got out of my car had a 90 year old look at me they thought I was intoxicated. Looked like they were going to call the police on me. No I wasn’t.!!! I have no balance and I was trying to walk on my feet when I can’t feel them. I know they are there because I feel extreme pain that’s it! Arm’s and hand’s worse. Head, Feels like I’m wearing a hat I can’t take off the hat and my Head is always itching. Hard to keep my head up it’s so heavy etc…you found the group.

Wed, Jul 24 12:02pm · Myofascial Release Therapy (MFR) for treating compression and pain in Neuropathy

Hi Jennifer, nice to meet you and find someone either close to what this is because their are few. The actual erb’s palsy was a result of surgery. The surgeon cut the nerve at the end of the surgery at doing a corpectomy. Had a EMG showed the damage but I woke up from surgery with a completely dead right limb. It after 10 years has regained to about 50 percent but hangs on my neck and makes me feel like I am carrying my arm and by mid day can’t hold my head up.
I have and can move my right arm but I actually see it as a useless limb of pain. Believe me I have tried everything I know but if anything new what to radar out there. A bit more on my situation and thank you will read the link.