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Sun, Feb 17 10:01pm · Medical Research - A Hope for the Future in Just Want to Talk

thank you…I'll make a post here soon… I've always been of one, that like to Link peer review articles… The people can read the source of the in formation for themselves… The links have always been a big part of my research and meta-analysis which usually consists of hundreds of articles and if I'm not reading I'm in the lab so now I have thousands of peer review articles… Now luckily here I will only post several pertaining to small individual research articles no more than 3 to 4 per post…. When I'm at the lab at my other computer I will post… I have articles online and off…. in the article are located many different computers and laptops it's hard to keep up where one article or research paper is located at lol….

Sun, Feb 17 9:29pm · DCM research.... in Heart & Blood Health

Hello once again friends,

I'm interested in knowing about your experience with DCM. What was the first test your cardiologists ran that started your DCM diagnosis? and what was the type, ischemic primary or idiopathic secondary….. two of the more important question is: was your idiopathic ever pinpointed to a cause? And Have any of you ever experience reverse remodeling? If so, what was your treatment regime at the time of the reverse remodeling? How long did you follow your treatment before having confirmed reverse remodeling. And it is the reverse remodeling improving your symptoms to a point that your cardiologist started tapering you off of some your medication…. Thank you I'm really interested in learning more about your experiences …

Mon, Feb 11 10:47pm · Research- has anyone had the left ventricle cause a RBBB? in Heart & Blood Health

sorry for the late reply…. No I do not have right bundle branch block…. But my father does… After several years of research I have came to the awareness that a lot of research papers that are published contradict one another…from pubmed to medline to medpage and many more…will tend to have published research data that will contradict someone else's data… So one of the best way to conduct research is talk to the people who actually face it and have to deal with these type of conditions….my own father condition has many unknown variables…. With no known cause…. Unfortunately I'm smart enough to know there is always a cause am I stem cell research has confirmed this…one of the biggest reasons why 60% of dilated cardiomyopathy is undiagnosed is because the heart had nothing to do with it… so, if the heart had nothing to do with it? than what did? what is the pathological process that took place… I'm determined to find out…

It was nice to meet you , I hope that we will have many little talks in the future…

Mon, Jan 28 5:45pm · Medical Research - A Hope for the Future in Just Want to Talk

I have ton of research article's…but can't post the links yet because of being a new user.. Not sure how long it last not letting links be posted..

Fri, Jan 25 6:44pm · Research- has anyone had the left ventricle cause a RBBB? in Heart & Blood Health

actually I’m not sure where to put this question….. I have been a researching for approximately 7 years….I have found many many articles, on stem cells, heart rejuvenation, age progression and reversal, taken several cardiology courses as well as five years in biology… And had even talked to actually cardiologist…. But in all the literature and researching I’ve been unable to find a direct answer as evening cardiologists that have been in the field for more than 20 years seem to be puzzled by this question…. And that is simple can RBBB happen from left ventricle problems and not right ventricle…..on a cellular level I believe it to be possible and some of my early experiments tilt in that direction, it would be tricky but possible but I’ve been unable to confirm through anyone else or documented research..

In the literature and in the courses and in all my research RBBB usually occurs on the right side of the heart and can be affected by pressure which in turn can be caused by the heart but also by the lungs and or other factors such as high blood pressure etc….. Any time pressure in the right ventricle increases a RBBB can be expected and seen on EKG…in fact the literature suggest is that it can be a benign finding I personally don’t think it is… But I have found nothing stating that RBBB can happen from the dilation or damage to the left ventricle leaving the right ventricle untouched and functional….as the left ventricle is usually controlled by the LBB.. so my question is is it possible for the left ventricle to cause a RBBB and not the right ventricle? the literature lacks the answer, cardiologist lacked the answer, stating that there are not for sure if it’s possible or not… they can’t rule it out, but cannot confirm it either… Thank you for any response as your answers will help me in my direction for my next gene editing experiments….