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Jan 19, 2019 · Looking for info or someone with transverse myelitis in Brain & Nervous System

Hello all,
I joined this group in hopes of finding answers to possibly the same condition. The past three years have been extremely difficult for me trying to get help and diagnosed. I have a thoracic lesion but it was never determined of what kind. I’ve had numerous mri,labs,and lumbar puncture but still no diagnosis. On my last mri report which was done at New Years it said on the report myelitis. I also have syringomyelia/ cysts in the spinal cord in the thoracic and cervical regions. I had to switch insurance due to a job change and I’m really struggling to find help now considering I have to walk in a drs office and start all over. I’m just curious as to why if it was thought to be demyelinating, why is it three years later and I’ve yet to be given any type of treatment. My last scans showed the lesion had grown as well as the central cord expanding. At this point does anyone know if I should attempt to go straight to the er. I feel time is essential with this and health declining I need help now. Any help or suggestions would so greatly appreciated.