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Sat, Jan 19 6:36am · Rapid Heart Rate. Normal? in Heart & Blood Health

I have warn a fitbit for a couple years know. However, over the past couple of months I have noticed my heart rate jumping up over little activity sure as walking to the bathroom, putting the kids to bed, or even cooking a meal. I've never had this happen before. Most nights as I'm getting in bed and I lay down my chest feels heavy for a little while and I breath kind of heavy. Feels like I just did a workout. But really all I've done is walk from the bathroom to the bed. I thought It maybe due to being out of shape. I'm 32, 122lb, and 5'2'. So I decided to go to the gym. Day one and two were ok. By day three I noticed just 5mins on the treadmill my heart rate is in the 150s sometimes 160s. I'm only at a speed of 3 and incline of 2.5. I had to get off yesterday due to feeling limp and dizzy for a sec. I was only on for about 15mins. Last year I was able to do a speed of 5 and incline of 4 with heart rate no higher then 130s. What could be the change. I have my physical mid March when insurance will cover my visit. Should I make another appointment? Heart problems do run in my family but at a much older age.