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1 day ago · Strabismus Surgery and Motion Sickness in Eye Conditions

Has a successful strabismus surgery i.e. the eyes becoming realigned resulted in a decrease in motion sickness for anyone? I am hoping the surgery will correct my diplopia to decrease the motion sickness. Toni

2 days ago · Functional tremors: Anyone had this? in Brain & Nervous System

Hi @douglasebaker. My friend said he was not diagnosed with Parkinson’s either. He had inherited the tremors through his grandfather. Good luck with your appointment! Please let us know your results. Toni

3 days ago · Strabismus and Neuroplasticity in Eye Conditions

Hi Teresa @hopeful33250 thank you for thinking of me. Sorry for the confusion. I was looking for vision therapy to help with strabismus. I have diplopia caused by eye misalignment. Each eye sees a different picture. The nerves of one eye do not function correctly with the muscles of the eye to control the movement. There is evidence of neuroplasticity helping some people with correcting the misalignment. True, vestibular therapy offers relief to sufferers of dizziness and balance issues. There are crystals inside the ears responsible for balance. Somehow for whatever reason these crystals get moved, causing the imbalance and dizziness. Vestibular exercises move the head in hopes of moving the crystals back into place to resolve the dizziness and imbalance. Thank you for the suggestion. I have tried vestibular exercises with a physical therapist. Unfortunately, the crystals in my ears were not the cause of my dizziness and balance problems. Toni

3 days ago · Ketogenic Diets and Pain in Neuropathy

@johnbishop John, if you like, you can decrease the fat content in your yogurt and make it thicker. Before greek style yogurt was available, I purchased regular yogurt. To make it thicker, I strained it in a mesh strainer to get the water out. I let it sit in the refrigerator until I got the desirable consistency. I agree a fattier yogurt will be creamier and better tasting. At times I eliminated some of the fat to get a lower cholesterol yogurt. It is all about what you want. Hope this helps. Toni

4 days ago · Ketogenic Diets and Pain in Neuropathy

@johnbishop John, good experimenting! FYI….I had read not to use almond milk. In order for the bacteria to grow it needs to feed on carbohydrates. I have only used cow’s milk so far. I have bought non dairy yogurt to try but I did not like it. I found it to be too runny unlike yogurt made from cow’s milk. Toni

4 days ago · Ketogenic Diets and Pain in Neuropathy

Hi John @johnbishop. Interesting reading that a “gut” can predict if a person is healthy or not. Evidence suggests the more bacteria found in the “gut” the more healthier the person will be. I had searched the recommended tablets for the bacteria to start the yogurt. The ingredients list a flavoring of mandarin orange. I was disappointed. I prefer plain. My prebiotic supplement contains 20 strains of bacteria of which one is the recommended bacteria, L reuteri. A person can also make a yogurt using a prebiotic supplement. I will try making yogurt with 4 cups of whole milk to one dose of the supplement. Lol, I feel like I am starting a lab. Toni

4 days ago · Shingrix and peripheral neuropathy in Neuropathy

Hank, you and Linda went through a lot but the experience led you to make the right decision! Toni

4 days ago · Shingrix and peripheral neuropathy in Neuropathy

Hi Hank and Linda. I would be very grateful to have found Haelan and to have such positive results. It is indeed sad to hear of people not having good outcomes with their cancer. It all depends on which type of breast cancer. Some are hormonal related and easier to treat. The non hormonal are very aggressive and therefore more difficult to treat. Toni