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Sat, Jan 26 4:19pm · Grover's disease in Skin Health

I just found a very interesting forum by many Grover's Disease victims on a site called Earthclinic.com. Look up Grover's Disease and check out the pages of comments. Many people are finding relief and cures by using high dose Vitamin A, and or, Cilantro, and zinc cream. Different methods by different people, but a lot of interesting, helpful, positive comments. The most successful options I've heard of so far!

Sat, Jan 26 10:12am · Grover's disease in Skin Health

Hi Ethan,
Thank you for your response. I haven't received much support for my Grover's other than topical steroid creams, which I don't use much because I'd rather find a more natural cure/relief if possible. My itching does seem to feel better when I take an antihistamine, Zyrtec. I'm looking into diet in terms of eating less histamine containing foods to see if that helps, as I'm wondering if there is a connection (since the antihistamine seems to help). I will check out the autoimmune group here on Connect, but have been part of a very helpful FB group for the past few years, called Hashimotos 411. Wondering if it's unusual to have it come on suddenly like mine did? Thank you!

Thu, Jan 17 2:09pm · Grover's disease in Skin Health

Hi – I am a 65 year-old woman, andI was just diagnosed with Grover's Disease by a punch biopsy. I've had the rash for 6 months now, and it came on pretty much overnight. Traveling from a vacation in Denmark, back to California. I also have Hashimoto's, and have been on a very specific diet for the past 4 years, called AIP, Autoimmune Paleo protocol. While in Denmark, I ended up eating several things off the diet, including gluten. So, not sure how much diet contributes to GD. Though, it's hard to imagine the symptoms could come on that quickly – I felt fine the entire 3 weeks I was in DK. It seemed to come on during travel home. I am also wondering if it could be autoimmune related in any way.