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Fri, Sep 11 3:47pm · Navigating unknown territory with others: Meet @irene5 in About Connect: Who, What & Why

@irene5 WOW!! I am honored to call you friend!! The interview is wonderful and shows the kind and compassionate lady you are!! You have always been there when I had a question and you have always answered with honesty and a little dash of humor to keep things light!! Thanks for an up close look at what make Irene so special!! Blessings!!!

Mon, Aug 24 9:06pm · Surgery concerns in MAC & Bronchiectasis

No asthma, MAC and Bronchiectasis…Deb

Tue, Jan 28 9:27am · Bronchiectasis: New Diagnosis in MAC & Bronchiectasis

@poodledoc…I agree with @irene5 with regard to Dr. Richard LaRue at Vanderbilt (ID doc). He is wonderful….very knowledgeable and kind/compassionate!! There is a great pulmonary doc at Vanderbilt, Dr. James Tolle. These two docs work together on my behalf and are great with communication through the patient portal and with phone calls as well. Good luck finding the right team for you!!
Blessings, Yaggi01

Dec 10, 2019 · mac specialists in Kentucky in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Hi @poodledoc…after Irene5’s recommendation, I asked for a referral to Dr. Richard LaRue, infectious disease doc at Vanderbilt. I wanted a second opinion and if you read through the post on this forum, lots of people see an ID doc along with the pulmonary doc. Every thing Irene5 says about Dr. LaRue is right!! I had been kind of out there on my own just dealing with a pulmonary doc and when I went to see him, he explained everything completely and took all the time needed with me. Sounds like you have found a great pulmonary doc so if you want to add an ID doc to the mix, I concur with Irene5 that Dr. LaRue is a great one!! Good luck as you navigate this crazy disease but having the right docs in place surely makes the journey easier!!

Dec 2, 2019 · mac specialists in Kentucky in MAC & Bronchiectasis

I am in Kentucky near Clarksville, TN but I go for my care in Nashville, TN. Let me know if you need the information for that area and I will be glad to share.


@becky33 Thanks so much for sharing!! Your journey and progress in this battle are an inspiration. Wishing you a clear scan and healthy days from here on!!!
Blessings, Yaggi01 (an MAI sufferer also on the Big 3 for 20 months now 😏)

Feb 17, 2019 · New Diagnosis of MAC/MAI & I'm scared in MAC & Bronchiectasis

@Induh66 Hi, i agree with both @america and @pfists….nothing to worry yourself about!!! I have had 3 so far and was sedated and didn’t know anything that happened. Woke up and just had a little scratchy throat. I have been on the Big 3 antibiotics for 18 months now. Probably looking at going on the new approved inhaled Arikayce soon. Blessings to you on your test and please don’t stress yourself over this!! Let us hear from you afterwards!! Yaggi01