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Fri, Mar 15 5:53am · Gallbladder surgery in Digestive Health

I had those symptoms a few months ago. Went the whole route at the Mayo Clinic. Could not find anything. Was so dissapointed. Then they come up with Functional Dyspepsia. Most Dr.s do not even know of this. It is a real condition but scientists do know why. I have studied papers all around the World and they all said the same thing. You have to look it up. Anyway a Dr on this site suggested to some one else to try FDgard. It is a medication pill form you can get at Walgreens, cvs Pharmacy or Amozon. I buy them at Amozon they are cheaper and can cost up to 30.00 a week. The thing is they work. They are a bit of peppermint and oils. Totally natural,no side effects at all. Look all of these suggestions up. From miserable to happy again. Good luck by the way I am a active 70 also!

Sun, Mar 3 5:30am · I feel like I'm dying in Digestive Health

Sorry, I know the feeling. I spent weeks off and on at thecE R, and hospital Hoth the very same thing. Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN diognoist me with Functional Dispepsia. Mist Dr’s are unaware of this, certanley no one in a ER has. It is almost a fantasy disorder, but it is real! Studies in Europe have confirmed this ,but have no cure or what causes this. Try a sugar free, low fat diet for awhile, but the secret is a over the counter drug called FDguard. You can only get it at Wallgreens, cvs, or Amozon. A Dr at Mayo Clinic suggested it. It works wonders. Very expensive, but made for this condition. It is just peppermint oil and other natural ingredients. Do not be afraid to take it . Do what it says. Four days with special diet you will be feeling better. Look up this condition on the internet. I feel so good at times and have to be cautious others. I also was given a low dose of Celexa , a antidepressant, which helped my appetite, too much. I had lost 40 lbs in two months, before and well now I am on the mend. Good luck!

Tue, Feb 5 7:00am · Unexplained diarrhea,malabsorption,dizziness,feeling faint, confusion in Digestive Health

I feel so bad for you! I went months feeling like that. I went even to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. They know what I am going through is real, but honestly they have no answered for it. They call it Functiobal Dyspepsia. It has. Been studied at Major Hospitals, no one can find a answered for it. There is a disconnect from the brain to the stomach. 90% of Seratonin is produced in the stomach. The stomach is one of the main functions for all symptoms. I did so much searching because a normal Physiction actually never herd of this. I went on a low dose of Celexa for anxiety, low dose of Propranolol, and the best over the counter FDgard stomach capsule. You will here from time to time here others talk about FDguard. Totally natural and safe. You have to tell your self you are not going to live like this. Do not make this all you think about. Drink a insure plus when you can it helps get vitamins back in your body. Go hard, I will root for you.

Thu, Jan 31 9:57am · Has anyone suffered or heard of gastroparesis? in Digestive Health

I have that also. My diagnosed as FuntionalDyspepsia. I take Celexa for anxiety and a over the counter drug called FDguard capsules. You can only get these capsules at Walgreens CVS , or on Amozon .com I sometimes take a gas x or tumns. I was on other men's but with the FDguard and Celexa I am almost 90% now

Thu, Jan 31 9:50am · Has anyone suffered or heard of gastroparesis? in Digestive Health

Try FDguard capsule. It is sold only ar Walgreens, cvs, or on amozon. It is natural stomach food. Look it up . My Gastrologist recomended it and it works.

Wed, Jan 30 6:17am · Chronic Abdominal Bloating and Pain in Digestive Health

Try FDguard it is a stomach caps yak. It is only sold at wallgreens or cvs, or Amozon. com I was recommended this by a Maygastrologist. I had all of the tests possible and they said I had Functional Dyspepsia. Look it all up. I suggest you see a Dr to rule anything out.

Mon, Jan 28 2:12pm · Has anyone taken a antidepressant for Functional Dyspepsia in Digestive Health

Symptoms nausea, chest pain ,hard to swallow ,bloating, consripation, terrible burning under my ribs and between my rib cage. Extremely exhaughtn ess, anxiety. Could not eat anything or drink. I lost so much weight. I did go to Rochester Mayo C,
Lining ti
O have all of the tests. I feel you have to do that first. It is improving extreamlyfast now. I feel great. The local Mayo Clinic had no idea what was wrong. But determined I got the answeres. You have to pretty much persist, no one npknows your body like you..

Mon, Jan 28 6:49am · Stomach problem in Digestive Health

Look up a stomach condition called Functioal Dyspepsia. Then look up a over the counter drug called FDguard. Same condition had all the tests and am on the repair. Post me if you need more info.