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Fri, Mar 20 10:02am · HCM specialist? in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM)

Congrats on your success! And your picture should be on a billboard, beautiful.

Wed, Mar 18 4:50am · Freaking out a bit - Upcoming surgery! in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM)

Hi I am 71 now and as you I knew as a child something was not right. I am one of the luckiest people, because I had Dr. Barry Marron him self look at my heart. He is the God Father of Drs. Who found this condition. Anyway it has been about fifteen years since my diagnosis and sometimes my heart stops for a brief second and takes off again. I was offered a pace maker by the Mayo but have declined so far. I think for me when it is over it is over. I also am a very active 71 year old. I have a fruit farm horses ,chickens etc. I am greatful for that. My children have been tested for HCM but has not shown up. Be brave and I will be thinking of you!

Tue, Mar 3 3:02pm · Side effects of Eyelina injections in Eye Conditions


Tue, Mar 3 3:01pm · Side effects of Eyelina injections in Eye Conditions

The otolaryngologist thought if I had one injection of Eyelina it would totall dry up the blood vessel leaking. I go back to Mayo in two weeks and hope the leak has stopped but blurr vision and darkening continues. I should have check on this injection first, but it happened so fast. I will refuse another.

Tue, Mar 3 2:56pm · Side effects of Eyelina injections in Eye Conditions

Macular degeneration/ with blood vessels leaking.

Thu, Feb 27 7:43am · Cerebellar Stroke - experience/treatment/recovery in Stroke & Cerebrovascular Diseases

I had a ischemic stroke 1 1/2 years ago. I worked hard at therapy and am fully recovered and happy. I do not think about having another stroke, it would not helped. Although they are not sure how or why this happened I have changed my life style by retiring, reducing hypertension and well my eating habits are not the greatest, I do try. There is hope after a stroke. Best wishes to everyone and their are people who understand. Then and now!

Sun, Feb 16 2:09pm · Side effects of Eyelina injections in Eye Conditions

I had one injection of a drug called Eyelina in my eye which was 95 percent cured from using Avastan. My eye went back down to 30 percent with this new drug to the point where my sight is darkened and blurry. Has anyone had this problem after trying the drug Eyelina? Did you get your sight back?

Thu, Feb 13 6:20am · Stomach and esophagus cramps and spasms in Digestive Health

I was diagnosed a year ago. I take a med that is called FDguard. It is for Functional Dispepcia. I eat small meals,and am on a small antidepressant. A lot of us also take propanol to relax the esophagus. Some days are better in fact you will get more days better than not. Good luck .