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Jan 12, 2019 · problems after chlamydia in Women's Health

Im having the same issues. Burning, itchy, painful urination and throbbing after being treated for chylmidia. Im always very crampy so I'm not concerned about PID. No strange or out of the ordinary discharge. Cleared for a UTI at the time of the chlymidia test.

I drank a probiotic smoothie and got some yogurt to balance my vaginal flora. I got a 1 day tioconazole for yeast infection treatment too. I know theyre common after anitbiotics.

I think i may have interstitial cystitis mentioned above. Ive had this pelvic/lower back pain for years now and manage my diet well to control further pain. Only reason i knew to get tested for the chlymidia was because i was cramping badly like it was my period. Then i had the most painful period of my life. All with a rapid heart beat like i knew my body was fighting something. The rest of this discomfort passed being treated is baffling.

Again, i hope its just a yeast infection. I still have anti biotics for misdiagnosed uti if i really think the chlymidia hasn't cleared…