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Jan 13, 2019 · Seizures and surgery: views on removing part of brain to stop them? in Epilepsy & Seizures

I'm 35 started when I was 15, I've been on every epilepsy medication these were the last 3 I had never been on and still none work alone. Lamictal gives me a rash at 200mg 2x daily and higher but I can take lower doses, I'm on 150 instead and feel the rash but barely noticeable they really want me to stay on it if I'm willing. I personally don't have any side effects of any other medication but no benefits either, they don't help prevent migraines, seizures, etc. Making me drowsy would nice since I seemed to only be able to sleep because I was having frequent seizures during sleep now due to the surgery I almost never sleep because I'm not having as many even with ambien. I've been a difficult case 4 different seizures types, 3 different hospitals as I grew the seizures did too

Jan 11, 2019 · Seizures and surgery: views on removing part of brain to stop them? in Epilepsy & Seizures

I'm 35 have had epilepsy that has gotten worse over the years, so much so that in 2015-2016 hey erased my memory of everything, my 3 kids being born growing up, my childhood. It was being worse I was forgetting conversations 5 min after having them. I at this stage didn't know I was having them I was either asleep or would forget everything from before and after it started., it turned out I had right frontal lobe seizures. Was told I needed to have a partial lobectomy. Or in less than a year the little of my short term memory I could sometimes use would be gone in a year.and the electric currents from the seizures were already getting close to passing to t the left side of they do if be dead by 40. I had the Partial right temporal lobe resection sept 2016. They didn't stop my seizures but they've changed them. I can remember more now. I remember being able to see my son graduate high school. I'm on highest doses of Lamictal, zonigran, and Keppra they couldn't back any off since I'm still having them. So for me it was worth it even if it didn't fully work improved. So the hardest part is deciding is it worth taking the risk doctors want the will probably give some help if not all or keep things ss they are and hope. I did it for my kids any chance at a better option for them was the choice I needed to try. Didn't mean to gamble on just hope some outsider insight might help. Good luck