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Jan 11, 2019 · Caring for someone with dementia / Alzheimer's in Caregivers: Dementia

Hello. I am new to Mayo Clinic Connect and was thankful to find this group. I am the oldest daughter of my siblings who are all younger and I am the go to person for both of my parent's who are both in their 80's. Although they still live quit independently, their ongoing health issues and needs has made me realize I have moved into the next stage of my life to help them cope. About two years ago I started telling my siblings that something was wrong with dad's short term memory because he kept asking the same questions and he was getting short tempered at times. They don't spend as much time with my parent's as I do, so they didn't believe me at first. Then I voiced my concern to my mom and after some dialogue discovered she had noticed this starting to happen more and more before that and consciously or subconsciously started to do things so others wouldn't notice it as much, like answer questions directed at him herself, etc. When talking with dad about it, he refuses to be tested or see a doctor to find out what is going on, but he has started to acknowledge that it is happening but we have no idea what stage he is currently in. I'm hoping to learn more about caregiving a parent with dementia by being a part of this group and to find educational resources for both myself and mom since other family and friends are noticing now that it is more pronounced and she can't cover for him any longer.