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Fri, Jan 25 9:00am · Pericarditis/Constrictive Pericarditis in Heart & Blood Health

Hi I will beging with a little back story.

At age 15 i was told i had a collapsed lung partial 60%. At which time it came back on its own over a couple days 2 months later i thought i had the same issue. However i was then told i had pericarditis. At ehich time i was given a special stereriod to treat it. By age 18 nearly 3 years later pericarditis again was given antibiotics and steriods to treat it. Year later this return same treatement by 22 nothing for nearly 3 years this then cam back same treatemebt however tha pain stayed daily after this between 22 and 27 i have had confirmed pericarditis a number of 6 times.

The pain never goes away just managable. I have been through ecos as well as heart tracing bo damages ekgs non stop as well. I am turning 28 doon i am dizzy thirsty all yhe time but everything keeps coming back normal. Does anyone know what to think or qhat to do ? My blood type is ab and i was reading heart disease is higher i this blood type could it be something simple causing such a bad reoccurence of this awful issue ?

P.s. apologize for any typos typing on old broken phone