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Wed, Jan 9 12:20pm · Pseudo Gout in Autoimmune Diseases

What I found to be crucial in managing Psuedogout is finding the right treatment and doctor. My first episode (knee) was treated passively and suddenly my life was sedentary for 8 weeks after years of being an active walker. It caused atrophy in my leg, planters fasciitis followed, two job offers were lost because I was immobile. I had to become very proactive. NSAIDS, ice and rest were not the answer for me. I got a second opinion. The second doctor was spot on(gave me a Kenalog shot) but located 1.5 hour from my home. Today I have researched reputable sites and discuss various treatments with my rheumatologist. I think we are finally successfully managing the PG after 8 months and two knee acute knee attacks.