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17 hours ago · SARCOIDOSIS in Lung Health

I was diagnosed with cardiac sarcoidosis in 2016 after Prednisone it is inactive. I think it's flaring up again. Does anyone has this condition, what symptoms do you experience

Sat, Apr 13 8:50am · ICD help! in Heart & Blood Health

Ok thanks for sharing

Sat, Apr 13 8:44am · ICD help! in Heart & Blood Health

Hi. Yeah, I wondered if it moved, but it's painful. I'll send a transmission today. I've also been severely fatigued and light headed so it makes me wonder

Sat, Apr 13 6:08am · ICD help! in Heart & Blood Health

I was laying down last night, when I moved my left arm there was a sharp pain in ICD area. Almost like it was catching. I don't believe it was a shock, I have had those. Anyone ICD cause pain. I called Dr and all he said was check in on Mon. I pace 100% and can't afford to have defibrillator not work.

Wed, Mar 27 12:37pm · Negative Thinking in Mental Health

Start a gratitude journal.

Thu, Mar 21 5:48am · Question about palpitations in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Hi. I dont know your heart history, but palpitations can be normal. Definately call your provider though and address this issue.

Wed, Mar 20 10:46am · Selfharm in Mental Health

I found writing really helped me

Wed, Mar 20 2:20am · Selfharm in Mental Health

I really urge you to call a crisis line for help when you are feeling suicidal. Your local county has a crisis line or lines for life is good. I understand uou are in deep pain and it seems the hest way out id suicide. I have had several suicide attempts. I understand your thinking "what if it doesnt work". I have a defibrillator so it would shock me. Nothing lasts forever and pain and depression can get better. You need to find another pyschiatrist. Please reach out to a crisis line for help.