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1 day ago · CHEST PRESSURE in Heart & Blood Health

I know chest pain can be frustrating. Do you take any acid reflux meds?

4 days ago · getting frusterated, paplpitations! in Heart Rhythm Conditions

You're doing the right thing, going to Dr. Sounds like it's really frustrating and anxiety producing

5 days ago · Down in the dumps again – challenges with adult children in Depression & Anxiety

Yes it is. I just understand it can be hurtful when our adult kids only call us when they need something, and I think it's important to let them know it's hurtful.

5 days ago · Down in the dumps again – challenges with adult children in Depression & Anxiety

Just a thought. Everyone has their idea of what they want their relationship s to look like.

5 days ago · Down in the dumps again – challenges with adult children in Depression & Anxiety

Yes. My friend and I were talking about this recently. Our kids still see us as parents. If you think about it as children that what they did and haven't made the transition that you're not a parent but a person. They don't see us as friends. The uestion becomes how do we change this? Well I would start by thinking about what kind of relationship you want to have with your kids. Then talk to your kids and tell them what kind of relationship you want. When you talk to them focus on your objective.

Thu, Feb 14 9:06pm · Heart Rhythm Conditions – Welcome to the group in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I'm not your age but I've had two ablations. It's not a bad procedure, it's worth it and you'll get better

Wed, Feb 13 9:18am · Low heart rate? in Heart & Blood Health

Hi. Don't worry to much. Your heart rate is not terribly low. Fit athletes can have lower rates. If your rate is 30-40s I would seek medical attention. Do you have any symptoms like more fatigue or light headedness

Tue, Feb 12 11:30pm · Mild traumatic brain injury in Brain & Nervous System

Hi. I'm new to this group. In 2009 I fell down on ice and suffered a concussion. Finally in Nov 2018 I was diagnosed with a TBI. Shortly after it happened I started having tremors, agitation, depression. In Aug 2010 I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, but it was really just my head injury I found out later.bin 2013 I started to have serious heart problems. I didn't realize the affects my brain injury was having on me. My behavior changed, I had trouble with memory speech, and had personality changes. My decline continued and my life literally fell apart. I knew something was wrong with my brain but Drs never saw anything in scans . Finally I kept seeing Drs and they finally after neuropsychology testing figured it out. I went to DBT class which has helped. I still struggle with memory, speech poor judgement and impulse control but Al least I know what's wrong.