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Wed, Feb 13 8:05pm · Rosacea in Autoimmune Diseases

I am sorry to hear about your son. I'm still not sure of why I have this itch, but just learned to live with it. I understand that spicy foods exacerbates roseacea, as well as washing with hot water. Sometimes I think cheese might cause a flare up of itching. Sorry I can't be of more help. But I'll be thinking of your son.

Sun, Jan 13 1:10pm · Could my itchy face an allergy? in Skin Health

Thank you to everyone who has responded with ideas and suggestions! I have been studying the options that were given to me, and it has been very helpful. I do appreciate all the support!

Sun, Jan 13 1:09pm · Could my itchy face an allergy? in Skin Health

Thanks so much jeanne5009! And I feel your itch as well! Sorry to hear about your itch spots, etc. I appreciate all the tips you have given me. AS a result I am more aware of ideas to follow: rosacea, histamines, etc. My itch is only located on the left side of my nose, so I am fortunate that it hasn't spread. I will keep studying so I can get to the bottom of this. And I wish you well in your search for relief.

Sun, Jan 13 1:05pm · Could my itchy face an allergy? in Skin Health

Good Morning Gardeningjunkie and Thank You so much for all of your insight. I am so sorry to hear of you symptoms, and trials. I have done some studying as a result of your info, on histamines, and I believe that you might have something there. I have tried otc anti-histamines periodically and they seemed to help a little. I have also been reading more about roseacea- which causes the same symptoms, although as I've mentioned, I do not have an rashe, and the itch is only located on the left side of my nose. I am noticing that red wine, cheese, and spicy foods may make the itch a bit worse. So I will keep studying. I am also using a little witch hazel on my affected area, as well as petroleum jelly which have both been recommended, and seem to be helping a bit. So, Thank You again for your concern, and advice. Most appreciated.

Tue, Jan 8 1:53pm · Could my itchy face an allergy? in Skin Health

Thanks for your response. No, I don't have any rash. Just the itch. It will wake me up at night and I just have to scratch and rub. OF the ten dermatologists, none of them had a solution! They would look and say they didn't see anything – to try anti-itch creme. Two gave me prescriptions which were about $130 each, but did nothing to alleviate the itch. So, I'm living with it, but getting so frustrated. I am thinking of going to an allergist. Do you think that will give me any help? Neither my dermatologists, nor my internist, seemed to think it would, but I don't know what else to try. Thanks for your suggestions.

Tue, Jan 8 10:45am · Could my itchy face an allergy? in Skin Health

Thanks so much. I was pleased and surprised to receive a reply. No, I don't have any other evident symptoms, other than redness and roughness. At times, it feels like pins & needles sticking me, also it feels like when you wash your face and you don't dry it – how it feels like you have to dry it right away. Am I able to acess the fellow members above? This is my first time to use Connect – which I am very impressed with. Thanks again.

Mon, Jan 7 12:32pm · Could my itchy face an allergy? in Skin Health

For the past ten years, I have been experiencing a continually itchy area mostly centered on the left side of my nose. I have been to 10 dermatologiests, tried every over the counter itch relief product, as well as a few prescriptions, and haven’t received any idea of what this could be from my doctors. Has anyone experience with this condition? Would an allergist be the next prpfessional I should see?