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Thu, Feb 21 11:24am · Metabolism/ Hormones in Diabetes/Endocrine System

Hi I am taking name brand
And I was recently told my thyroid numbers are now perfect but not my weight!
She does not want to discuss my weight issue.
I don’t know what to do?

Thu, Feb 21 6:39am · Metabolism/ Hormones in Diabetes/Endocrine System

Hi! I am a 60 year old female that unexpectedly gained 50 lbs and use the same thyroid drug. I exercise and always eat right yet I can not lose any weight. When I complain to my endocrinologist she just says let’s focus on your thyroid results. Now they are good but I still can’t lose a pound. It is very depressing since I was and still am very active. Your advice please

Wed, Feb 20 7:26pm · Frustrated in Autoimmune Diseases

Sorry to hear of all your disappointments
Is Hereditary Gersolin Amyloidosis different than HATTR?

Wed, Feb 20 7:11pm · Desperate for answers in Autoimmune Diseases

My husband’s family has been diagnosed with Hattr. 50% of them. My husband hasn’t been tested yet and I do not want to tell our children (30,27,21) until he is . Regardless of his outcome we will share the family history. What are your thoughts? We don’t want the 21 year old to worry her whole life.