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Wed, Jun 17 10:59am · Aromatase Inhibitors and ocular migraines in Breast Cancer

Hi everyone. I haven’t been on for awhile but thought I’d give my two cents worth. I’ve been on anastrozol for 2 years now. Don’t want to be a bah humbug but here are some side effects I have. Super hot flashes constantly, headache, trouble sleeping, weight gain, joints that don’t wanna work right and hurt. Oh yeah, dry, snake skin! I’m keeping the lotion companies in business! So….I don’t expect anything to change for the next 3 years but I always remind myself of the alternative! Hang in there! We’ll all get through this!

Sat, Feb 8 10:17pm · What is effective in treating joint pain from AI treatment? in Breast Cancer

Hi. Can anyone tell me if they take collagen to help strengthen bones?

Fri, Feb 7 3:03pm · What is effective in treating joint pain from AI treatment? in Breast Cancer

Hi all. Lisman, I’m kinda in the same boat as you. Had my first post cancer mammogram in December as well and all is clear. Thank the Lord! I take anastrozol now for almost a year and the side effects are almost intolerable but knowing the possibility of a reoccurrence I’ll put up with it.

Wed, Feb 5 11:10am · LCIS: should I take Tamoxifen? in Breast Cancer

Hi sparkle gram. I’ve been on anastrozol for almost a year now and it’s lousy too. The pain in my right arm is intense. That’s the side I had my lumpectomy on. So my dr is sending me early for bone density scan. Oh on another note, in a previous discussion I mentioned that I won’t see my oncologist till 2024 unless, God forbid, anything changes. So I asked my dr why I won’t see her more often and he explained because we have Medicare in Canada, and don’t go through private insurance companies, and we have so few oncologists in Canada, we are monitored very carefully by our family physician who does regularly (every 3 months) breast exams, bloodwork, etc. Anyhow, I hope things start getting better and easier for you on the tamoxifen.

Thu, Jan 30 5:30pm · Aches and pains in the bones in Breast Cancer

My oncologist is at the Manitoba Cancer Care Clinic in Winnipeg. That’s where they send everyone that developers cancer. They were really awesome and nice and helpful. I’m going to tell my gp that I’m concerned about it. My oncologist sent a letter and final report to my gp (which I have copies) and turned me over to him. I thought it was odd that I wouldn’t be seeing her more often but thought well she’s the dr. She must know what she’s talking about.

Thu, Jan 30 10:50am · Aches and pains in the bones in Breast Cancer

Thanx guys. I see my family dr tomorrow so I’ll double check with him again. They did say the cancer was so small they couldn’t even see it, less than 1 cm. But it had gone into 1 lymph node. They didn’t say I was high or low risk. Just that they got it all and to take anastrozol for 5 years and see her in 2024. I don’t know what I should do now.

Wed, Jan 29 10:35pm · Aches and pains in the bones in Breast Cancer

Maybe that’s how they do things in Canada! Lol.

Wed, Jan 29 10:34pm · Aches and pains in the bones in Breast Cancer

You know, I asked her why in 5 years and she said she’d only need to see me if a problem arose or If my family dr Wanted me to see her.