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Sun, Jan 6 8:54am · Non Restful Sleep WITH Exercise in Sleep Health

I will check no worries.

Sat, Jan 5 7:08pm · Non Restful Sleep WITH Exercise in Sleep Health

Yes, I will.
I think that my issue is rare especially given my age but it seems that are few others out there seeking answers and if I can help others from what I have learned that would be amazing.

Sat, Jan 5 6:14pm · Non Restful Sleep WITH Exercise in Sleep Health

I actually did post my age. I am 23 so I hope I am not starting to slow down already haha. Funny you mention magnesium. I take a supplement called ZMA with theanine which helps relax the muscles as well. I think a combination of positive sleep habits and things that promote recovery help me but I still find it so strange that I have all these issues at my age. Especially since I have toned back my workouts drastically.

Wow, thats really valuable information thanks. the Advil may help..

I eat the same both days more or less and consume lots of water. The only noticeable thing thats different from each day is the physical exercise. I do agree with you that I should not take meds unless I absently have to. That is why I came to the forums.

Sat, Jan 5 7:49am · Non Restful Sleep WITH Exercise in Sleep Health

I have tried taking Advil but I am also aware that it shouldn't be the permanent fix. It does help somewhat but again, not all of the time. Plus I do not want to hurt my liver.

I have never considered that and I suppose it would help with blood flow but I have never had issues involving that before.

Sat, Jan 5 7:56am · Non Restful Sleep WITH Exercise in Sleep Health


Hi Teresa,

When did you start experiencing the sleep issues? I am curious if you have an extensive exercise background. I have a hunch that my years of heavy compound lifting may have severely taxed my body. I am not trying to brag.. but I deadlift over 400+ pounds, benchpress near 300 and squat 300+. I am only mentioning this because maybe its very taxing on my nervous system.
I do think I want to see a neurologist but I hope that they do not completely discredit the issues i'm experiencing because that seems to be the case from what I have read. I do notice that when I focus on self care extensively it helps slightly. Cardio exercise has helped slightly. Everything that helps alleviate soreness helps but doesn't necessarily get me a good nights sleep. I will most definitely stay active on this thread as I am trying to find solutions and others experiencing the same thing.

Sat, Jan 5 7:46am · Non Restful Sleep WITH Exercise in Sleep Health

Thank you for the input. I only have caffeine first thing in the morning and drink plenty of water throughout the day so it should be long gone before the nighttime. It does suck though because sleep is critical for recovering and I cannot really make too much progress if ANY progress while I am having these sleep issues.

Sat, Jan 5 7:43am · Non Restful Sleep WITH Exercise in Sleep Health

I like that idea. I have tried it a bunch and it does help relax me but it doesn't always mean I sleep well.

Fri, Jan 4 7:29pm · Non Restful Sleep WITH Exercise in Sleep Health

@lisalucier I'd love if a neurologist or sleep doctor could give me their opinion. I have only ever heard of a few people with the issues i experience. I am wondering if its possible that my central nervous system is fried from years of weight training.