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Jul 9, 2019 · Statins and peripheral neuropathy in Neuropathy

my doctor wants me on crestor with a cholesterol of 215. I am recovering from base of tongue cancer and am still anemic and not normal as yet. I see no reason to drag my cho0lestrol down to below 150 just to make him happy with his prognosis. He also advised it would make my type 2 diabetes worse or give it to me if I didnt have it already.
I have a friend taking a statin and his blood glucose levels get to 200 and then he takes insulin to bring it down, and he was a mild type 2 with morning glucose about 120, which was then controlled by metformin. So I'd be cautious about taking this junk

Jan 7, 2019 · squamous cell in throat in Head & Neck Cancer

stick with it, and have done that recently – everyone is different but took a couple for me to notice real improvement. Stick with the plan. If you have neck skin damage, stay with teh course of treatment, for pain, stay with that too – you will heal better having less pain.
Not sure if you are on a stomach tube or not but keep the food flowing, and make sure you add water and keep hydrated. Will try to suggest other things that I did if you have other problems other then the listed above emails

Jan 6, 2019 · squamous cell in throat in Head & Neck Cancer

thank you, noticing changes every 3-4 days, vs 'each day' – a little forward, a little back, little more forward – looking slowly but steadily better!

Jan 6, 2019 · squamous cell in throat in Head & Neck Cancer

Sorry to hear – do your best to keep up the feeding. It IS a struggle – alternative is worse. Am sure doctors monitoring your weight, blood and other areas. If you can eat at all – keep it up – I am still on a stomach tube 5 weeks after treatment and would kill for bacon, eggs and toast. Actualy, finally got a soft fried egg down today – 1st time – really sore throat now all day, but wil have to keep it up. No one told me I'd have to stretch out my throat from scratch again after treatments. You WILL have better days – not yet, but they are coming. Food helps if you can eat – I had to take extra sodium, magnesium, D3, and other vitamins to alleviate some of the symptoms. Good luck!

Jan 4, 2019 · squamous cell in throat in Head & Neck Cancer

Thank you and CONGRATS on making it through yours. Hope yours is long term survivable as well.
The current thick mucous problem is a bit alleviated by 10-15 ml of the Tussin, My opening at the base of the tongue still allows some seepage of mucous when I fall asleep leaning back – am hoping that time will alleviate that..

Thanks again!

Jan 3, 2019 · squamous cell in throat in Head & Neck Cancer

Under went 7 weeks of chemo once a week and 7 weeks of proton radiation for a base of tongue cancer that was inside the tongue and so not really operable. Designated as Stage II HPV-16 squamous cell – had an enlarged right lymph gland and a partially sowllen left lymph gland.
Almost impossible to swallow about 2 weeks into the treatment as the tumor was getting larger and had the stomach tube put in. Saved my life.
Finished treatment on 7 Dec and stayed a few days before traveling 5 hours home. Originally was told that I could start swallowing and expect some relief about 2 weeks into recovery, but then was told that 1st 3 weeks get progressively worse and then will start to improve. The second advice was correct. Make sure who you listen to even at Mayo.
Supposedly prognosis is very good, but am just starting into the 4th week and the phlegm is finally getting a bit better. Staying with 15 ml of Tussin very 4 hours or so, and some child's Benadryl 1-5 ml as need to help dry up.
Pain – got off the 12mcg fentanyl patch a day or so ago, and take liquid adult tylenol 1000 ml every 6 hours per doctor. Adding oxycodone if needed to sleep.
Throat pain a little less, but even small sips of water go down hard. ANYTHING too warm burns going down, ie, tried a small sip of chicken broth tonight.
Trying to dry swallow and it's painful – but as I was told, gets a little better every few days.
Hoping to eat mushy stuff in a week or so. Had looked forward to grilled ham and cheese 6 weeks after treatment – doesn't seem possible right now…

Doc said 7 weeks plus for normal food but to get on the tongue exercises – they will help.

Feeding tube : KEEP that thing SNUG else food will leak out and irritate the skin where the surgeons tried to put 'button' stitches to hold the tube against the stomach wall. Didnt watch it and missed washing until late in the day and the dried food had irritated the skin where the scar was form the button, it started to bleed. CLEAN the area 3 times a day if need be. Ended up washing well and putting some bacitracin on the area and it helped tremendously.

Hope the 90% five year survival the doc told me applies to me still – that they told me at the beginning of treatment. Expect to go longer but will have to see.