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Aug 5, 2019 · Hand tremors in Brain & Nervous System

Hi rigalevin,
I’ve just started CBD ABOUT 5 days ago primarily for pain from arthritis and fibromyalgia. I’m giving it time to take affect. I got Charlotte’s Web brand with 100mg and take it 2 times per day. It is NOT CHEAP but supposedly the best!

Feb 6, 2019 · Trintellix in Depression & Anxiety

Anyone who Is diagnosed bipolar-polar also take Trintellix?

Feb 5, 2019 · Bipolar and ideas of how to help ourselves beyond medication in Mental Health

So during an elevated mood you have never gone shopping and spending too much $?

Feb 5, 2019 · Trintellix in Depression & Anxiety

I added Trintellix starting at 5 mg and up to 20 mg in the last couple of months. In the last 2-3 weeks I’ve noticed my eyes are squinting in the morning. I’ve had to consciously open my eyes and keep them open. I’ve also had a little more agitation and irritability than before the 15 and then 20 mg. I don’t know that the Trintellix is helping my depression and anxiety. My doctor lowered my dosage back to 10 mg. Anyone else have similar experiences?

Jan 22, 2019 · Bipolar and ideas of how to help ourselves beyond medication in Mental Health

Yes, I’m still taking Lamotrigine, and it gave me a lot of energy in the past. I don’t feel the energy this time BUT I do NOt have the hot flashes like before.
Today my fibromyalgia pain is higher,
and I’m tired tired.

Jan 19, 2019 · Bipolar and ideas of how to help ourselves beyond medication in Mental Health

I was diagnosed bipolar a few years ago and was put in Lamotrigine for the mood swings. This was the first time that I was able to take things out of my shopping cart and return them to the shelf. Now I find myself in a financial bind.
I’m hoping to connect with others who have bipolar disorder.

I’m also ADD, so my doctor, therapist and I often are challenged when my Mind races and focusing seems near impossible. Russell Brand has the same 2 diagnoses, and I have no problem being in the same group with him. He’s a brilliant comedian, actor and 14 year recovered addict. It seems brilliance and creativity often are characteristic of those with bipolar disorder. Yet, not all bipolar sufferers are creative.

Can anyone relate?

What meds and practices help you to control the illness?

Jan 19, 2019 · depression/anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

I don’t think you are lazy at all. One of the symptoms of depression is not sleeping enough or sleeping too much. I think what you are calling laziness is tiredness and lack of energy as a result if the depression. I totally can relate. They are days when I could stay in bed all day. Try to be patient with yourself. It is a very difficult illness to deal with. I’ve found that lying in bed from fatigue that depression can cause is much easier than the irritability resulting from a mixed state that I experience. The irritability is more painful in my

Jan 19, 2019 · depression/anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

I have to report that the mouthpiece I started using about a week ago seems to making a difference with my sleep apnea. I am dreaming again, and I do wake up with less anxiety and irritability. I’m almost afraid to say that it’s helpubg with my depression because my meds will help one day for an hour or two then stop working. It is so frustrating because you think you have the right meds and then realize that something is not working like it should.
Anyone have bipolar as a diagnosis? Just wonder if anyone else LOVES TO GO SHOPPING. This typical behavior has put me in a financial bind.