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Wed, May 27 10:54am · Immunotherapy - Keytruda for colorectal cancer in Colorectal Cancer

bjs06, My heart goes out to you and your husband! I went through exactly the same thing as your husband 20 years ago! Identical with the lesions on the lung!
My experience with chemo was not good! a month after the tumor I started chemo. By the end of my first week I had a Giant Infection or reaction to the chemo drug, 5 FU & licovoron.
Two weeks later I was in the ER and given a couple hours to live! I was in a coma for 14 days in Intensive ICU with around the clock care. I spent another two weeks recovering after the coma!
With good care and understanding people I survived.
When I got out the doctor wanted me to go through chemo again.
My daughter and I said NO!
I changed me outlook on Life to defeat the disease! I spent the next year working out of my motor home traveling the Rockyy Mountain Area from Mexico to Canada!
That year I was on all or part of the day for 150 + days on trout rivers, streams and lakes flyfishing. Learning about Life!
Business wise it was the Best I had ever had!
Not to Brag but the cancer has never reacoured!
My point is the cure is in your mind and soul! You have to will it to be gone!
Your husband and you have your own decisions to make!
My thought is I would have the operation but leave it up to my mind to heal.
Maybe it was meant to be that I had that I had the reaction! I had to change my way I look at life and how I lived it!!

Thu, Apr 30 5:08pm · Genomic sequencing or any treatment helpful for Stage 4 colon cancer? in Colorectal Cancer

mook, MY PRAYERS, THOUGHTS AND BLESSINGS GO OUT TO YOU! I was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer 21 years ago. When my surgeon went in and found it in a similiar as yours, she worked around things and removed the tumor! I went on chemo back then, 5 FU, and suffered a Life Threating reaction to it.
When I came out of the coma from the drug my doctor wanted to put me in Chemo again! Luckly my daughter was with me for my appt. with him! She almost hit him. We said NO!
One day I was in Barnes & Noble and ran across a bool intitled " TROUT WATERS"! In it the book author Jim Rowinski tells how he had gone through a similar experience with colon cancer. He explained how he put a lot of things aside in his Life and went out Fly Fishing for a year. After the year was up he went back to his doctor who said there were no signs of the cancer!
I took to heart. I was working out of my motorhome traveling from the Mexican boarder to the Canadian boarder traveling throughout the Rockies.
That year I was on a Trout stream or river all or part of the day for approx. 150 days! I had one of the most sucessfull business wise years I had ever had!
What also made it Wonderfull was the cancer has never returned!
As I said all the Powerful thoughts and Blessings go out to you wherever you are!
I have throught the past 21 years talked many doctors, holistic people, religious individuals, and the only thing everone can come up with is that the mind is a very POWERFULL PART OF OUR HEALING!
Obviously I don't know your circumstances in Life, I do know the Stress and Physical things you are going through!
During this time of circumstances I would take the time and try and research and read as much as I could on the disease and the Power of the Mind!
PS, a couple of years before this all happened to me, the NC State Basketball coach Jim Valvano was also going through something similiar as us, I heard him give a speach that he gave when asked about his condition, he said, "NEVER EVER, GIVE UP"! I have lived by that Mantra for the last 21 years!
Please if you would like to ask any questions, don't hesitate to contact me!
My thoughts, prayers and blessings go out to you!
I haven't had the cancer but I did come down with Chronic Lyme Disease two years ago. I like many Lyme suffers don't have any family support through this time! I can truthfully say I would not still be alive was it not for all the kind understand people that are on this site!

Thu, Apr 30 12:54pm · Day 1: Creating your Resiliency Roadmap in Living with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)

I can't speak for MCI, but I have had Lyme Disease for two years. Insomnia is one of the symptoms. I have a very understanding PC. He put me on daily Ambein. It works Great!
During this time we are in I have gotten a couple of books on dealing with Lyme for my own research. Even some the the Holistic doctors recomend using Ambien and Lunesta!
Rest and a Good Nights Sheep are paramont in dealing with the side effects of Lyme.
Was told a long time ago the two most important things our body needs is water and sleep!

Fri, Apr 24 11:22am · Visual Escapes and Daily Inspirations: Share Yours in COVID-19

John, I have a Question. How do you add a photo to a post?

Thu, Apr 23 12:20pm · Isolation: How Do We Handle it? in COVID-19

Joyce, Good to hear you all are maintaining! As you know we are in the same type of business as in the sales and marketing, except I do golf. Unfortunately our governor closed down all of our courses, unlike yours I believe left them open. One of my vendore is headquatered in Canby.
As you know Spring is our Big Time of the year so it's very frustating! New Mexico finally decided to give Self Employed people Unemployement Insurance, but as goes with a "Third World State" they messed it up.
The media and citezens are up in arms, so they're going to try it again.
Quick question! What do you sell? Caps, shirts or hard goods.

Mon, Apr 20 3:06pm · Isolation: How Do We Handle it? in COVID-19

Wildcat, Interesting about dancing! Just got through this weekend reading Bren'e Browns book "The Gifts of Imperfections"! Published in 2010, she talks about how we all need to Dance in life! Both figurativly and litteraly!

Mon, Apr 20 2:46pm · COVID-19 Coronavirus and Lung Health: What can you do? in COVID-19

I know my opinion may not be popular, but, my question is how many of those who have "died" have only been caused by the virus? I know many countries don't keep statistics like we do, but I have a question how America has more deaths than 99% of the rest of the world!
Richard (Sundance)

Sat, Apr 18 6:21pm · How long for Mirtazapine to start working in Depression & Anxiety

RQ, I'm not farmiliar with your medications, but I can tell you after years of taking defferent ones for various reasons, anxiety and depression being one, it does take some time to get your body use to them. I sometimes think that when I read the listings of side effects that I bring some on myself. But they are there to warn you! I always read them very careful! I also try and understand my body and know what is normal and abnormal! Sometimes it's very quickly sometimes it takes awhile! One sleep medication that I was changed to by a different PC took a month for me to start having severe headaches! Then had a Blackout and fell down a flight of stairs and ended up with a TBI!
Hopefully you can be open enough with your husband to explain what you are going through!
The support really Helps!
PS, The most important thing is you have found a place of Support, Mayo Connect! It is a Life Line to those of us who suffer different things or have questions about medications!