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Mon, Jan 21 5:28pm · High Levels Of B12 in Blood Cancers & Disorders

No I am not taking any multivitamin or Vit. B's..I am presently working with an oncologist and we will be rerunning all my blood work in May

Tue, Jan 1 12:55pm · High Levels Of B12 in Blood Cancers & Disorders

@sakota ..Yes, tested twice ..both results were >2000..all of the other blood testing results have been within the normal range, except for my B12. The testing started because my neurologists was looking for a possible underlying cause for my autonomic peripheral neuropathy diagnosis, and a low B12 could be a cause…however with the high test result, I am now being referred to an oncologist….I think and hope its just an anomaly

Dec 31, 2018 · High Levels Of B12 in Blood Cancers & Disorders

@Kanaaz Pereira. After extensive blood testing my neurologist has not found a cause for my neuropathy. All of my tests were negative except for the B12>2000. I am not diabetic, my MS was eliminated as a cause, my blood tests sent to Mayo Clinic eliminated any autoimmunity as a cause, I am up to date on mammograms and colonoscopies. At this time I am being referred to a neurologist who specializes in Autonomic Peripheral Neuropathy and to an oncologist. My neuropathy has been ongoing for at least 7 yrs.

Dec 30, 2018 · High Levels Of B12 in Blood Cancers & Disorders

I have recently had two B12 labs, both in 2000+. It was part of a series of tests ordered because I had just been diagnosed{Dec.19th ] with Small Fiber/autonomic peripheral neuropathy in a non-length dependent pattern. My neurologist had anticipated I would have a B12 deficiency???…All of my extensive testing looking for the cause of the neuropathy were negative except for the B12…. I am being referred to an oncologist and we are NOW looking for a cause of the high B12 as well as the cause of neuropathy? I am very interested in reading your comments because there is very little info available, also I am so happy to have found this group.