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Tue, Jan 1 1:53pm · Getting off of Seroquel in Depression & Anxiety

I'm seeing him later on this month. I think I might need to get off the lexapro as well because when we first discussed the weight gain he took me off the seroquel and I barely lost any weight. I maintained almost all of the weight I have gained by being on the Lexapro by itself. So it's time for a change. This lexapro experiment has been going on for a year now. It's certainly helped with the depression but I'm still largely depressed. The same could be said about the seroquel.

Dec 29, 2018 · Getting off of Seroquel in Depression & Anxiety

Thanks for the help. I want to stop taking it because I've gained almost 90 lbs since I've started my treatment. It seems to me that at this point, the negative health consequences far outweigh any antidepressive qualities the Seroquel has had on me. I'm still depressed and very anxious. The only exception is that now I also have about 80 extra pounds to show for it. I'll make sure to check out those other discussions.

Dec 29, 2018 · Getting off of Seroquel in Depression & Anxiety

This is a low dose. I've been on it for a few months. Is it safe to quit taking it cold turkey? It's for insomnia and depression. I take it alongside 30 mg Lexapro and 100 mg trazodone.